Laos motorbike tours

Off-road Laos Adventures through the Untouched Hmong Country

Laos - 6 days trip with motorbike - starting at € 1461
Discover the valley of the Nam Ou river
Explore on your motocycle ethnic isolated village in the Nong Khiaw mountains
A human adventure and a trip across the time
Guide speaks : French, English,
6 day trip
Driving 6 day
5h per day
with guide
900km in total
From November to May
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Enduro enthusiast and former international competitor. I arrived in Laos in 2000 to organize ethnic trips then opened my agency in 2011 to share my passion : discover the wealth…

Located in Luang Prabang

Laos motorbike tours of the Hmong Country

Discover the valley of the Nam Ou River and unique culture of the ethnic groups living in the Nong Khiaw Mountains. Beginning with just the first night, you will get a taste of the Hmong culture.  If you are looking for something unique, then this is the king of Laos motorbike tours. From here, you will drive through hilly terrain sometimes as high as 1500 Meters (500 feet) along the mountainous crests surrounding the Vietnam Border. This 5 days trip in the northeast is adapted for intermediate riders searching for a unique adventure across largely untouched cultures.

Most of the time, we will doing homestays for the trip. This is a lot different from what you might be used to, but a lot more authentic. Sometimes, you will not have hot water and the “bathroom” may be either a small room in the backyard with a bucket of clean cold water or a tap in the corner of the house.

We advise you to bring a small towel that you can carry in your bag and flip flops that you can wear in the shower. Power cuts are frequent so we also recommend that you bring a small portable battery to charge your devices. You will not be “roughing it,” but this may be something a little unusual for you. There might not be bed sheets and pillow cases in the village where you will sleep.

You can bring your own sleeping bag liner if you wish, but please don’t bring too heavy a bag during the expedition and especially the treks. Keep things light in a backpack that you can carry all day.  We just want to make sure you that you are fully prepared for this remote and incredible adventure in remote Laos.


Map of your Motorcycle road trip :

Laos motorbike tours

Laos motorbike tours
Day 1

First steps in Laos - Luang Prabang

A tuk-tuk (like a motorcycle tricycle with a carriage on the back) will come pick you up at Luang Prabang Airport on the day of your arrival and bring you to your hotel to relax. You will have free-time around the pool or you can explore around until the next morning.


Off-road Laos adventures
Day 2

Luang Prabang – Namou trail – Hmong village

250 Km - 5h of riding

Today’s five hour drive begins when you get picked up at your hotel at 8:20 am to go get your bike. Riding along the Nam Ou River, we will discover one of the most remote river areas of northern Laos. To manage the distance, we will take some nice smaller roads that will lead us through the breathtaking countryside.

The mountains, jungle and small villages along the way will guide us to the small and sleepy Hmong village. Here we will enjoy a nice evening in a traditional wooden house and sleep with the green mountains always in sight.


Laos motorbike tours
Day 3

Hmong village – Thai Lu village – Muang Khua

120 Km - 6h of riding

Today’s drive will be a touch longer at six hours of awesome exploration. We will take our time and explore a wonderful area near the Vietnamese border. Then, riding along the river, we will stop to visit a local Kamou villages and get a taste of their lifestyle.

The lovely local families will invite us to spend some time with them. Afterwards, the countryside awaits and our off-road Laos adventures truly begins with magnificent views of the jungle and the mountain summits that will make you feel as if you are flying above the clouds as we end the day in the quiet atmosphere of Muang Khua.


Off-road Laos adventures
Day 4

Muang Khua – Akha area - Bountai – Na Mor

210 Km - 5h of riding

Another wonderful riding day of off-road Laos adventures offers us new dirt tracks along the Chinese border. You will ride on the remotest roads of Laos where you will meet the Akha ethnic group. Be delicate as they are still not used to meeting foreigners. Keep your distance and be careful when taking pictures, let your guide ask first, otherwise the villagers will all run away. Afterwards, the late afternoon is free for whatever you choose to do.


Laos motorbike tours
Day 5

Na Mor – Oudomxay – Green valley

170 Km - 5h of riding

Although we only travel 170 KM, the fourth day of this most fascinating of Laos motorbike tours requires some endurance. But it is totally worth the effort because the mountain trail you will ride on offers views that cannot be seen anywhere on earth! You will feel like you are riding 100 years back in time as follow remote mountain trails.

Along the way, you will meet several hill tribes like the Khamu and Lao Loum who unlike the Hmong cousins that who only spend their time in the mountains actually split their time between the mountains and flatland showcasing a completely unique lifestyle to what we have experienced so far !


Day 6

Green Valley to Luang Prabang

1) 240 km (35% off-road) 2) 170 km (60 % off-road) 3) 185 km (80 % off-road)

To our very last moment, our adventure will not stop! This day will take you along a fascinating and winding path that is dotted with small villages far from civilization. After lunch, we will wind down a narrow track that will lead you into mountains and across rivers. Back on the main road for the last hour, we finally will get to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Luang Prabang where you will end your trip. Depending on your motivation and physical condition, there may even still be enough daylight for you to explore the many incredible sights of the town.


Laos motorbike tours
Day 7

Luang Prabang

Our most fantastic of Laos motorbike tours draws to a close as your breakfast awaits by the pool at your hotel. On your last day, you will have some free-time for some last minute shopping in town until our driver comes to pick you up to go to the airport.


Laos motorbike tours

Off-road Laos adventures

Laos motorbike toursOff-road Laos adventures

Laos motorbike tours

For this trip, your vehicle is: a motorcycle.

To drive this vehicle you need : sup. 125cc motobike licence.

Price for this road trip starts at 1461€ for each rider .


  • Our tourism License required by the tourist office department (many tour companies are unlicensed)
  • Our Motorcycle Rental License required for legal motorcycling tours.
  • Professional English speaking guide with mechanic training
  • Your motorbike: Honda CRF-L250 from 2012-2015 models
  • Your gasoline
  • Mechanic support during the trip by the guide (who has all tools—tubes, tools, cables, etc.)
  • River crossing, waterfall and visitor fees
  • Third person insurance
  • Accommodations as mentioned in the program
  • All meals as mentioned on the itinerary -1 big bottle of water per day (1.5 liter) + 1 bottle of water in your room per night (0.75 liter)
  • All equipment provided (helmet, mask, gloves, boots, jacket) except pants so bring jeans or riding pants
  • Luggage storage in Luang Prabang

Not Included:

  • Your personal insurance (we highly recommend you to get travel insurance before starting your journey in Asia)
  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary
  • All kind of soft drinks and alcohol during the trip
  • Coverage for any damages due to a crash on the motorcycle (no insurance covers this in Laos).
    • Note: Your safety is mainly in your own hands and depends on your behavior while riding. -Please listen carefully to your guide’s advice to prevent this kind of incident.
  • International and national flights
  • Massages and personal expenses
  • Visa for Laos (easy to do at the airport or any land border of Laos, average price: $30 to $35)
  • 4x4support vehicle, additional price of $210/day (including 4×4, driver his food & accommodations)
  • Additional mechanic from our team: $180/day (including motorcycle, gasoline, food, accommodations) – recommended from 7+ riders –
  • Shuttle from the airport by a local vehicle to your hotel on arrival day