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Explore Central Italy : Motorcycle across History and Beauty

Italy - 8 days trip with motorbike - starting at 885.00
A taste of authentic Italy in Naples and a smell of real Dolce Vita upon the Amalfi Coast
All that Rome offers and a fantastic ride among the treasures of Latium
On-set of historical cinematic masterpieces in the lush parks of Abruzzi, Italy
Guide speaks : French, English,
8 day trip
Driving 7 day
4h per day
with guide
1500km in total
From April to September
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Being Italian myself, I founded my motorcycle tour travel agency in order to combine my passion for motorbiking along with my love to make discover Italy. I strongly believe that…

Located in Rimini

Motorcycle tours Italy: an easy drive through south-central Italy

Rev your engine for a scenic coast-to-coast tour of south-central Italy. Historical, cultural, and natural adventure await when motorcycling in Italy. The magic of the cities and countryside is apparent as you travel to one spectacular site to another. From stunning coastlines to majestic mountain tops, Motorcycle tours Italy is the perfect way to discover all that this spectacular country offers. After experiencing Rome, you’ll cruise along the shores of Lazio and Campania into Naples. Explore enchanting villages throughout the Sorrento Peninsula as you make your way east towards the mountain parks of Abruzzi.
Motorcycle rental Italy has a surprise around every twist and turn of the road. Abruzzi is full of fascinating destinations that reflect a rich history brimming with charm and flavor at every stop. The past comes alive in through well-preserved medieval burgs and the Roman Empire capital of Latium. Our tour will take you to where the mountains meet the seas upon the stunning Amalfi Coast. A vibrant Italian seaside painted with colorful houses warmly greets visitors from around the world. The eight-day tour is a splendid showcase of the very best in Italian culture.



Map of your Motorcycle road trip :


Motorcycle tours Italy
Day 1


Begin in Rome, UNESCO’s most beautiful city in the world, and equate yourself with your new surroundings. We recommend dedicating a minimum of two days to the city before or after motorcycling in Italy. The group meets at the hotel in the afternoon and picks-up motorcycles between 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Afterward, a short brief will introduce you to the safety and organizational rules that will ensure a great holiday for all. A traditional Italian welcome aperitif provides the perfect way to get to know each other before the tour.


Motorcycle rental Italy
Day 2

Rome - Sperlonga

240 km - 5h of riding

The journey begins with a 240-kilometer ride with a stop at the well-known for Roman Castles in Latium. A visit to Albano Laziale will allow you to see an ancient reservoir still in use alongside the Pope’s summer residence Castel Gandolfo. We’ll explore southern Lazio to admire a panoramic view of the magnificent Rocca Massima before driving west to the delightfully quaint town of Sperlonga. Enjoy a peaceful night along the stunning coastline.


Motorcycling in Italy
Day 3

Sperlonga - Naples

200 km - 4h of riding

The Sperlonga to Naples ride starts with a stop in the Campania region only a few kilometers down the road. Home to exquisite pizza complemented by sounds of the mandolin, the coastal region is one of the most romantic places on earth. An enthralling ride through a slice of the countryside takes us to the Royal Palace of Caserta, a celebrated UNESCO world heritage site. The 200-kilometer day concludes as you reach the breathtaking city of Naples by night.


Motorcycle rental Italy
Day 4

Naples - Amalfi coast

160 km - 3h of riding

A slow pace over several kilometers enables motorcycle tours Italy riders to enjoy each stop to this spectacular day. We’ll begin with a climb up Mount Vesuvius where a spectacular overview of the Gulf of Naples and Pompeii awaits. The UNESCO World Heritage and archaeologic site greet us as we spiral towards the base of the volcano. Our tour continues to Sorrento, home to the amazing Amalfi coast. Captivating scenery and luxurious resorts provide an ideal spot to get a great night’s sleep.


Motorcycling in Italy
Day 5

Amalfi coast - Sulmona

330 km - 6h of riding

It is time for a change of scenery as we make our way to Abruzzi. Leaving the sea behind us, we ride the Apennine mountain ridge towards Maiella and Gran Sasso natural parks. Winding roads along a pristine landscape is a fantastic way to enjoy an entire day in the Abruzzi parks. Forests, charming stone fortresses, and endless lakes and gorges are yours to explore. A 6-hour, 330-kilometer route ends in the decadence of Sulmona, the world’s capital of sugared almonds.


Motorcycle tours Italy
Day 6

Sulmona - Anagni

310 km - 6h of riding

Thrilling roads through the green Maiella and Gran Sasso natural parks brings joy to motorcycle rental Italy riders and passengers alike. Well-preserved medieval villages are glimpses into the past that have served as the set of popular films such as Ladyhawke and The Name of the Rose. Enjoy a barbecue atop the summit of Apennine, with the option of the famous Abruzzi mutton kebabs, followed by a jaunt to the north of the Gran Sasso mountains and westwards. We cross the Simburini mountains to reach Anagni, home to the famous thermal waters and where we’ll spend the night.

Motorcycle rental Italy
Jour 7

Anagni - Rome

200 km - 4h of riding

The way back to Rome is an exhilarating, scenic route featuring amazing gorges, ancient towns, and more. A cliffside monastery and the magnificent Villa D’Este with its elegant gardens are highlights of this spectacular day. By late afternoon we’ll be back in Rome to drop-off rental bikes before check-in to our hotel, the same as the first night of the tour.


Motorcycling in Italy
Day 8


Say farewell to the group over a pleasant breakfast, as you become free to explore the Eternal City on your own. We remain available at any time to provide recommendations or tips that will help you further enjoy your time in Rome and your remaining days in Italy.


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For this trip, your vehicle is: a motorcycle.

To drive this vehicle you need : sup. 125cc motobike licence.

   You may tour with your own motorcycle or rent one. Vast choice of BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson and other brands available for rent.

planet ride road trip moto italie centrale

Price for this road trip starts at 885.00€ for each rider .

With guide:

  • Price rider in double room: 1465€
  • Price rider in single room: 1665€
  • Price rider+pillion:  1245€ /person

Free ride:

  • Person in double room: FROM 980 € (depending on period and category of hotels chosen)
  • Person in single room: FROM 1,180 € (depending on period and category of hotels chosen)

Price includes:

  • An English speaking, Italian tour guide who provides technical and cultural support
  • Medical and luggage insurance covering riders and passengers
  • Stay in hotels with top amenities including pickup and a farewell dinner
  • All itineraries in GPS and Google map format
  • A tee-shirt and pictures of the tour

Not included in the price:

  • Flights
  • Motorcycle rental
  • Entrance fees to sites
  • Meals or any hotel extras
  • Fuel and other riding equipment


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