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Guatemala motorcycle tours

Discover the Mayan history

Guatemala is packed with history and adventure

Guatemala is home to some of the oldest civilizations in the Americas, with evidence of human habitation as far back as 12,000 BC, and possibly even older! These civilizations include the mighty Mayans, whose ruined ancient cities still dot the Guatemalan landscape. Guatemala also offers a diverse geography that includes jungle, mountainous highlands, and sandy, sunny beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean. Guatemala motorcycle tours are an excellent way to experience the history and culture of this Central American paradise.

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Other Need-to-Know Information about Guatemala

Guatemala’s two main tourism draws are its natural beauty and its history and culture. While riding through Guatemala, you can experience hot, steamy jungles, beautiful volcanic sand beaches, and even the volcano itself – Volcan de Pacaya. The large, emerald-hued Rio Dulce, which is home to numerous plant and animal species, is another sight to behold, along with Lake Atitlan, Semuc Champey, and the areas of Antigua and Flores.

History, and especially Mayan history, is a huge part of the country. The largest number of Mayan archaeological sites are concentrated in Peten, but there are numerous sites throughout the country. Some of the more renowned sites include Tikal (which is also part of a UNESCO World Heritage site), Aguateca, Nakum, Yaxha, and El Mirador, which is still being uncovered by archaeologists. A number of companies offer Maya tours Guatemala, but when you combine one of these with motorcycles, like we have, that will be the most excitement and adventure!

The varied geography of the country, does create a few different climates as well. In general though, the Peten and Pacific coast regions will be a hot, steamy tropical climate, while the central and western highlands are more mild. The months of March and April will be hot throughout the country, but worst in the lower lying areas, such as along the coast. May through October, or even November, will bring the rainy season, which can make two-wheeled travel difficult, especially in the more remote areas of the country. You will want to consider those facts when planning your Guatemala motorcycle tours, and that is why we hold our tours from October through May.

Arriving in Guatemala should not be difficult. Most European countries, as well as the United States do not require a visa, only a valid passport. The main airport, La Aurora International, will likely be your point of entry, and it receives flights from throughout Central and North America. You could also cruise the Pan-American highway for a longer road trip adventure!

Why Planet Ride should be your only choice for motorcycle adventure in Guatemala

Planet Ride provides much more than basic Guatemala motorcycle rental. We provide a unique two-wheeled experience that you will not find anywhere else! An example of what you can expect from one of our Guatemala motorcycle tours is a 10-day trip, with 6-days spent cruising on a Royal Enfield motorbike. You will begin with an exploration on foot through Antigua, but before long, you’ll be cruising towards the Pacific coast. From there, we head towards the mountains with a stop at a coffee farm along the way, where you will learn about coffee production! We’ll spend a couple days visiting Mayan ruins and the natural splendor of Semuc Champey, before heading towards the Rio Dulce, and eventually back to Guatemala City. Along the way, you’ll ride on roads and off-road trails, covering a total of about 1300 kilometers, with about 5 hours of riding each day. At night, you’ll rest up in comfortable hotels.

Additional Benefits of riding with Planet Ride

Whether you want beaches, jungles, or mountains, or an exclusively Maya tours Guatemala on your motorcycle adventure, there is a Planet Ride tour for you. Planet Ride will provide you a completely unique road trip experience. You’ll have plenty of flexibility in planning your tour, with the option to select your own dates and group members. Then, you’ll head off with your local expert guide for the road trip of a lifetime! Our specialist travel partners in Guatemala will help you discover the beauty, culture, and richness of the lands you explore, while also offering any technical assistance you may need. Choose a route and indulge your riding pleasures, whether on-road, or off the beaten path!

While the example tour discussed earlier would generally be considered an easy ride, Planet Ride also offers motorcycle trips for all levels of experience. Whether, low mileage on well-paved roads or long distances off-road, we have a Guatemala motorcycle experience that will suit you perfectly.

You can rely on Planet Ride to be your trusted Third Party through the entire trip process, from booking online to each kilometer of your journey through Guatemala. We have a Quality Charter signed by us and all of our travel partners to guarantee it! We offer the best value for the money, security of payment, and vehicle insurance. You can also read traveller ratings and reviews to judge for yourself!

No matter what needs you may have for your Guatemala motorcycle tours, Planet Ride is sure to fulfill them all!

Tourism Ideas for Guatemala

Guatemala has plenty to offer for you to experience before or after your Guatemala motorcycle tours with Planet Ride. There are opportunities for hiking, kayaking, cycling, and other adventure sports. The numerous bird and animal species found through the jungles and the Rio Dulce also make for an exciting experience. Maybe you’d rather learn a little, in which case you could learn more about coffee production, cardamom and orchid growing, or textile production using Mayan techniques that date back thousands of years!