Greece motorcycle tours

Breathtaking Motorcycling in Greece: Aegean meets the Ionian Sea

Greece - 12 days trip with motorcycle - starting at € 2340
Visit the Delphi Oracle, an extensive archaeological site and one of the most important places in ancient history.
Discover Meteora, one of the largest and most important Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece.
Cruise along the island of Lefkada, ranked as having the best beaches in the Mediterranean because of its long, sandy coastlines and shimmering blue-green waters.
Guide speaks : French, English,
12 day trip
Driving 11 day
3h per day
with guide
2300km in total
From June to September
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Located in Athènes

Motorcycle tour in Greece : Aegan to Ionian sea

Motorcycling in Greece is an incredible journey that combines a bit of everything: mountains, valleys, beaches, forests and amazing history. We will pass through Mount Olympus, Greece’s highest mountain and the “home of the gods.” Then we will descend towards the enormous Platamonas beach under the shadow of its famous ancient castle. After, we will ride through slopes, meadows and lakes and visit the most famous oracle of antiquity—The Delphi. Here ancient Greeks sought to divine their future, maybe we will be able to as well!

This tour combines a journey through Mount Pindos, the southeastern-most leg of the Alps in the Balkan Peninsula and crosses through the Tzoumerka, a complex of traditional settlements between forests. As we travel, you will be astounded by award winning beaches, like those on the island of Lefkada with their emerald colored waters. Then we will continue through the depths of virgin forests in Karpenissi and ride up to the most famous Greek ski resort of Arachova.

The journey takes you over traditional stone bridges and rivers and villages spoken of by Homer that seems to have not been touched by time. Additionally, you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meteora, whose beauty is recognizable from photographs that have travelled to every corner of the globe.

Moving further south, you will cross over to the Peloponnese with our destination being the city of Olympia: the birthplace of the Olympic Games where its ancient stadium and artefacts still stand. Unlike other Greece motorcycle tours, our ride is careful crafted to take the most scenic routes where traffic is minimal and sightseeing opportunities are countless.


Map of your Motorcycle road trip :


Motorcycling in Greece
Day 1


After you arrive, you will travel to our hotel in central Athens located right next to the Acropolis. You will settle in and then have a welcome dinner with the tour leader. It will be an opportunity to get to know your travel companions and the staff who will be on hand to give you all the information you need for the trip. You will be briefed on the places that will be visited, driving in Greece, safety advice and any other questions you may have. Afterwards, you will have time to enjoy the beauty of the city of Athens.


Motorcycle tours in Greece
Day 2

Athens - Sounion

120 km - 3h of riding

Today is our first day on the road and will begin with breakfast at hotel and picking up your motorcycle. Before we depart, we will take a short walk and visit the Acropolis Museum, the first of many UNESCO areas of your tour.

In the early afternoon, you will take a beautiful drive along the “Athenian Riviera” to Sounion and visit the Temple of Poseidon. Here, we will have an opportunity for coffee and snacks on the beach of Lavrion. In the evening, you will return to Athens and have lovely walk around the old city (Plaka) and have dinner in a central restaurant.


Greece motorcycle tours
Day 3

Athens - Nafpaktus

300 km - 4h30 of riding

Today, our motorcycle tours in Greece will move away from Athens and we will begin the day by riding towards Nafpaktus passing through Delphi along the way. We will have a stop to enter the Delphi museum, and enjoy its incredible history. After, you will ride to the town of Galaxidi, an ancient ship-building village to have lunch by the port. Following lunch, you will continue on through winding roads across mountains to arrive at the lovely seaside town of Nafpaktus.


Motorcycling in Greece
Day 4

Nafpaktus - Kremasta Lake

200 km - 3h30 of riding

Leaving Nafpaktus, you will travel towards Kremasta Lake, the largest man-made lake in Greece. This central part of Greece is a remote area nicknamed the “little Switzerland of Greece.” With its snowcapped mountains and hilly terrain, you will soon understand why.

During this day of motorcycling in Greece, you will visit the central town Karpenisi which lies in the well-wooded foothills of Mount Tymfristos (2315m/6000ft) and is 22 miles (48km) east of the wonderful LakeKremasta. This is a great stop for lunch! Not surprisingly, given its home in the mountains, the town has an alpine-village feel to it, with chalet-style lodgings mixed in among its churches, taverns and bakeries. It offers great opportunities for hiking, rafting and mountain-biking where you can then explore surrounding villages and historical monasteries.


Motorcycle tours in Greece
Day 5

Kremasta Lake - Ioannina

250 km - 3h30 of riding

We head towards Ioannina city passing through Meteora, one of the highlights of our already most exciting of Greece motorcycle tours.  Meteora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, it comprises several monasteries built of natural sandstone rock pillars, at the north western edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios River and Pindus Mountains. Here you will explore the monasteries as well have time for lunch and coffee in of the great local restaurants. After, we will continue to Ioannina city, and explore the old city located within its ancient castle walls.


Greece motorcycle tours
Day 6

loannina - Platamonas

300 km - 4h of riding

Motorcycle tours in Greece get no better than enjoying a ride through the Tzoumerka Mountains – The Greek Alps. The Tzoumerka are a collection of beautiful villages and traditional settlements surrounded by lush forests and plants. It is a land of unique wild beauty with deep gorges, bare rocks and raging rivers and motorcycling within such a complex mountainous terrain makes for an unforgettable experience. At the end of this incredible day, you will reach Platamonas village where you can swim in the Aegean Sea and stay the night under beauty of the imposing Mount Olympus.


Motorcycling in Greece
Day 7

Platamona - Lake Plastira

200 km - 3h30 of riding

From Platamonas, you will ride through Mount Olympus and make your way down towards Lake Plastira. All the villages surrounding the lake are truly enchanting because of the splendid view of the mountain surrounded by the incredible forest backdrop. At Lake Plastira, you will have a choice of many activities such as horseback riding, mountain-biking, canoeing, boating and rafting if you wish.


Motorcycle tours in Greece
Day 8

Lake Plastira - Lefkada Island

350 km - 3h30 of riding

Today you will travel back towards the Ionian Sea to the island of Lefkada. You will ride through the Agrafa Mountains, have lunch in hidden villages, explore ancient bridges and explore old churches and watermills. At the end of the day, you can cool off when you arrive in Lefkada and have a swim in the Ionian Sea.


Motorcycling in Greece
Day 9

Lefkada Island

After several days of motorcycling in Greece, today is a day to explore the island and its famous beaches. Lefkada, which means white and pure is the fourth biggest island in the Ionian Sea. The whole island is a miracle of nature, full of beautiful seaside resorts and picturesque villages built between the mountains.

Most visitors enjoy searching for the plethora of caves, waterfalls and natural springs. The island of Lefkada has a great number of breath-taking beaches with clean, blue-green waters; a feature that makes them popular all over the world. On the west coasts of the island, lies the unforgettable beach of Porto Katsiki, which has been nominated by countless international publications as the best beach in the Mediterranean.


Greece motorcycle tours
Day 10

Lefkada Island - Olympia

300 km - 3h30 of riding

Greece motorcycle tours don’t get any better than this. After a relaxing day on the island, you will be back on the road and ride towards the site of Ancient Olympia. You will cross the Rio Bridge and enter the Peloponnese. Here, you will visit the Ancient Stadium of the first Olympic Games along with two museums of Olympia and the Olympic Games. It is a great place to stroll around, have coffee and enjoy the many shops of the area. Afterwards, you will enjoy a lovely evening dinner in a nearby village.


Motorcycle tours in Greece
Day 11

Olympia - Athens

300 km - 3h30 of riding

Our most delightful of motorcycle tours in Greece is coming to an end. This is our final day of our riding and we head back towards Athens. You will ride upwards towards Kalavryta through the forests of the central Peloponnese.  After a brief stop for coffee and snacks, you will cross the Isthmus of Corinth and continue to ride through the coastal road of South Attica and return to Athens where we will enjoy our farewell dinner and spend our final night.


For this trip, your vehicle is: a motorcycle.

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

Price for this road trip starts at 2340€ for each rider .


Prices (without motorcycle rental):

With Tour Leader – Minimum 4 persons in the group – 12 days/11nights

  • Driver + Pillion: € 2340 / per person
  • Driver in shared double room 2480 € / per person
  • Driver in single room: 2860 € / per person

Without Tour Leader (self-guided):

  • Driver in shared double room: from € 1.630 (depending on the season and types of hotels.)
  • Driver in single room: from € 1.980 (depending on the season and types of hotels.)


Price Includes:

  • Overnight accommodation in elegant & spacious hotels or traditional high quality guesthouses
  • Daily breakfast
  • 2 Dinners (welcome and farewell dinners)
  • Tour planning & briefing
  • Memorabilia
  • Executive Medical Care & Travel Insurance – Insurance covers medical assistance and luggage for both the driver that his passenger for all medical expenses incurred in Greece and support costs for repatriation in case of accident or illness during the tour, as well as the loss or theft luggage
  • Briefing package outlining the trip details – i.e. safety tips, notes about attractions and sights, hotel information and route features
  • Travel to and from the Motorcycle rentals
  • All applicable taxes


Price Does Not Includes:

  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Tour Leader on motorcycle
  • Gasoline
  • Parking
  • Road tolls
  • Entries to the monuments and museums, archaeological sites, natural sites, etc.
  • Tour Guides at attractions/Museums
  • Main meals, drinks & snacks (except welcome and farewell dinners)
  • Any personal expenses
  • Transfer to and from airport (available upon request, with extra charge)
  • Any bank transfer fees
  • Anything not mentioned in the “included in price” section



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