Following the Wayuu Path Across Colombia

Colombia - 8 days trip with motorcycle - starting at € 700
Test your skills on the rugged roads of Guajira
Meet the local Wayuu people who call the area home
See the scenic beauty of Tayrona National Park
Guide speaks : French, English,
8 day trip
Driving 7 day
5h per day
with guide
100km in total
From June to February
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Adrien - Colombia - Motorcycle


Spécialiste Motorcycle


Arrived in Colombia in 2016 to discover every corner, I traveled by bike this wonderful mountainous country, green and resplendent, Invaded by a feeling of lost freedom, Colombia is blessed…

Located in Columbia

Explore the rugged beauty of Colombia’s north coastal region and beautiful desert

We’re headed in the most northern part of South America— a little confusing, right? This exploration of Punta Gallinas will be an opportunity for you to explore the unparalleled Columbia desert as we wind across a landscape of rocks, cactus, and exotic wildlife. Along the way on our Colombia motorcycle tours, we’ll cross paths with indigenous communities who have lived in this region for centuries. As we zigzag through Punta Gallinas will then make our way over pristine waterfalls of the Sierra Nevada, ride the coastal roads and white sandy beaches and discover Tayrona Park. There’s even more to discover as we sip beers at enjoying the stunning sunset at Palomino and ride waves with local surfers. We’ll meet the local Wayuu people who live in the region and a local guide who will take us deep into the desert along their ancient paths. This rugged journey is going to test your skills and endurance. If you’re ready for a little sun, sand, occasional thunderstorm and a thrill-packed adventure then this is the perfect trip for you. Get ready for Colombia by motorcycle!

Map of your Motorcycle road trip :

Day 1

Santa Marta - Palomino

110 km

We’ll begin our motorcycle tours Colombia by riding through Tayrona National Nature Park discovering the beauty of this incredible preserve. We’re headed into the Quebrada del Sol loop and an off-road trail that will lead us over rivers and through local villages. By afternoon, we’ll emerge along the scenic coastal roads that lead to Palomino. In Palomino, we’ll rest for the night at Hotel Casa Surf Mar Azul and savor the best pizzas in Columbia at La Frontera.

Day 2

Palomino - Manaure - Cabo de la Vela

290 km

We’re back on the road on our Colombia motorcycle tours to visit the mesmerizing Salt Fields of Manuare. Then we enter the rugged desert. The road begins in the capital of the indigenous Wayuu Uribia before we make our way to the charming town of Rancho Utta. Here we’ll enjoy the evening sleeping in comfortable hammocks in this beautiful beachside town and eco-tourism destination of Cabo de la Vela.

Day 3

Cabo de la Vela - Punta Gallinas

70 km

Today you’ll team up with a local indigenous guide who’s going to take us deep into the desert. No one knows the local people and routes better. We’ll wind our way across twisting desert trails making our way across countless Wayuu communities. By afternoon, we’ll reach the famed Lighthouse of Punta Gallinas— the most northern point of South America. Here we’ll walk along the beach and sun dunes before enjoying seafood and delicious beers for dinner. Then we’ll wrap up our motorcycle tours Colombia for the day.

voyage moto colombie
Day 4

Punta Gallinas - Nazaret

60 km

We’re mixing it up today on our Colombia by motorcycle journey as we wind our way a path that gradually turns greener. This mixed environment is home to a wide variety of local species because of the incredible biodiversity of the National Park of Nazaret. We’ll ascend in the mountains until we arrive at a scenic vista of Nazaret and its stunning dunes. Then we’ll cruise into town and arrive at Mulumamana Hotel where you can choose from Wayuu-style hammocks or beds for the night. After a rugged day, you’ll enjoy jumping in the swimming pool here!

voyage moto amerique du sud
Day 5

Nazaret - Cabo de la Vela

80 km

We’re working our way back towards the beautiful Cabo de la Vela across the massive desert plains and Wayuu villages on our incredible Colombia motorcycle tours. The rocky and sandy roads will certainly put your driving skills to the test! By evening, we’ll be back in Cabo de le Vela where we’ll enjoy more fresh seafood and beers to kick back by the beach.

colombie en moto
Day 6

Cabo de la Vela - Palomino

250 km

Winding our way back along these roads, you’ll start to feel like an expert. But don’t be surprised at some new challenges along the way! We have a lot of choices for today including a potential nature village in Dibulla. We’ll also explore small villages outside of Palomino and maybe even have the option for a little tubing down the gorgeous river nearby.

voyage moto colombie
Day 7

Palomino - Santa Marta

70 km

A little less time on the road day and a little more exploring on our motorcycle tours of Colombia. We’ll take a visit to the magnificent Quebrada del Sol Waterfall and maybe do a little tubing if we didn’t do so yesterday in Palomino. In the afternoon, we’ll have our own private beach and maybe seem some caimans— crocodiles who live in this region and along the border of Tayrona Park. We’ll overnight once again in the city of Santa Marta.

voyage moto amerique du sud
Day 8

Riohacha - Santa Marta

We’ll pass through Dibula and enjoy this beautiful and secluded fishing village. From here, we’ll take a short hike through the lush jungle to a stunning private beach deep inside Tayrona National Nature Park. Here you might even find a few more caiman hanging out. You can do a little self-exploration along the Paso del Mango trails before we wrap our fun Colombia by motorcycle adventure back in Santa Marta.

For this trip, your vehicle is: A AKT motorcycle .

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

Price for this road trip starts at 700€ for each rider .

900 € : price for the driver

450 € : price for passenger


Price includes :

  • Motorcycle rental
  • Fuel
  • Accommodation for 6 nights
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Third-party vehicle insurance and medical insurance
  • English / Spanish speaking guides
  • River tubing fee
  • Drinking water
  • Entrance fees to all attractions
  • Helmet, motorcycle gloves

Price Doesn’t Include :

  • International flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal insurance for the trip
  • Visa fees
  • Bail
  • Bank charges
  • Other personal expenses


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