Explore the expansive forests of Quebec

8 day(s)
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€ 2250
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Savor the sublime views of Taurus Lake
An enduro raid for thrill seekers
Navigate the narrow trails of the pine forests
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Available Motorcycle models for this roadtrip :
  • KTM 300
  • KTM 350
  • KTM 500
  • A inf. 125cc motobike licence is required.
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    Price per person
    € 2290
    € 2390
    € 2250
    € 2390
  • Supplément chambre simple (selon hébergement) par nuit - 75€
  • Guide privatif (par personne) - 300€
  • SPECIAL OFFER : for any reservation before the 01/15/2019: 2,690 € instead of 2,990 €

    This price is intended by pilot. Pillions are not allowed on this type of motorcycle.

    100 € : Price per night for the option single room (only available at the Auberge du Lac Taureau and at the Delta Hotel Montréal)


    Supplement for the private guide option :

    300 €,: Supplement for each rider based on 2 persons

    150 € : Supplement for each rider based on 3 persons


    Price includes :

    • 3 meals per day
    • Accommodation
    • Rental of vehicles
    • Guide
    • Essence
    • Transfer airport

    Price doesn’t include :

    • International flight
    • 800€ deposit
    • Alcoholic drinks
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    Review(s) of our riders who have travelled with Dominique

    Day 1 Montréal – Saint-Michel-des-Saints

    As you arrive on Canadian soil, our motorcycle tours Canada team will welcome you. Once the group gathered, we head towards St. Michel des Saints via a 2-hour and 45-minute minibus drive. We spend our first night in the luxurious Auberge du Lac Taureau.

    Day 2 Saint-Michel-des-Saints

    180 km

    Spend the first part of the day getting accustomed to your bike and making small adjustments. Get an early taste of an intense Canada motorcycle trips to come by taking a pleasant cruise around the lake.

    Day 3 Saint-Michel-des-Saints

    160 km

    Your off road Canada tour begins with an Enduro course taking you around St-Michel-des-Saints. Technically challenging and quite scenic, this stretch is one of the most beautiful rides of the journey. Explore remnants of earlier settlements as you embark upon the narrow course. Cutting through the heart of a pine forest while crossing rivers and streams, you will come across several beaver dams. Enjoy a well-deserved night’s sleep in the traditional setting of Mocokan Red Spruce Outfitters.

    Day 4 Saint-Michel-des-Saints – La Tuque

    250 km

    Depart from Mocokan Red Spruce Outfitters for a captivating ride through forests within the heart of Quebec. Tame these wild, wide open spaces before spending the night at the Marineau Hotel.

    Day 5 La Tuque

    150 km

    Prepare yourself mentally and physically for this day of your motorcycle in Montreal adventure. Challenge yourself on the 150-kilometer loop of the La Tuque Enduro course, the cornerstone track of Quebec motorsports. The dynamic course includes the crossings of lakes and rivers, following hydroelectric lines, mounted screen, and the trial-like technicality of a ski mountain. The route is followed by a difficult period of zig-zagging between trees on a sandy track. The stretch is the former track of the 12-hour La Tuque endurance test. Enjoy a restful second night at the Hotel Marineau La Tuque.

    Day 6 La Tuque – Lac Bouchette – St-Hedwidge

    170 km

    We journey between La Tuque and Lake St. Jean on a motorbike for 170-kilometers then continue by minibus for another 80-kilometers. We meet our third Enduro course and the most famous route of the Enduro of La Doré! Enjoy the night in an isolated in St. Hedwidge cottage located near Roberval. Be sure to get plenty of rest for the upcoming day!

    Day 7 St-Hedwidge – La Doré – St-Hedwidge

    160 km

    Here we are; we’ve left the biggest and best challenge for the last day of our motocross in Montreal adventure. Ride on the Enduro track of La Doré, a well-known event for riders within Quebec. A recent participant in the 2017 Ultimate Enduro La Doré includes former champion David Frétigné. Are you up to the professional challenge?

    Day 8 St-Hedwidge - Montréal

    We will bring you back to the Montreal airport via minibus. Reflect upon memories from a spectacular week of adventures. Don’t forget to share your experiences with family and friends.


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