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Imagine, racing down back roads and carving mountain switchbacks while surrounded by old growth forests, gorgeous alpine vistas, and thousands of years of history. While quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in the region, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still relatively unexplored by Western Europe and the rest of the Western World. This makes a Bosnia road trip just a little more adventurous, and we would highly recommend any of the motorcycle tours Bosnia has to offer! Riding through this nation on two wheels brings you all the closer to the amazingly deep and diverse culture.

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Our trips and motorcycle tours in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina traces human settlement back to the Neolithic age and has developed into a culturally rich and diverse nation since then! While the Bosnian War of the 1990s was a horrific tragedy, the people of this country have since created a thriving economy and prosperous society, one that is renowned for its natural environment and cultural heritage, which includes aspects of six historical civilizations and three main ethnic groups. The combination of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cuisine, winter sports, eclectic and unique music, architecture, and festivals make it one of the best motorcycle tours Europe can offer, and one of the best tourist destinations regardless of how you travel!

If you haven’t realized already, Bosnia and Herzegovina are a melting pot of religions, cultures, and empires dating back thousands of years. That combination creates an unforgettable experience, especially when taking it all in from the seat of a motorbike! Today, the capital is a cosmopolitan metropolis that sports a distinctly Eastern European feel. The rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina offers no shortage of sights to see during your road trip adventure. For example, the 17-meter tall waterfall and ancient fortress of Jajce are a couple of can’t-be-missed sights. You should also be sure to marvel at Maglic, the highest mountain in the country. Countless other archaeology and historic sites are scattered about the country!

The geography and natural scenery make a compelling case for a Bosnia road trip all on their own. Situated amid the Dinaric Alps, Bosnia and Herzegovina is mostly mountainous, but is also home to large stands of ancient forest, more than half a dozen major rivers, and even a small sliver of coastline along the Adriatic Sea. That geography will provide an absolutely breathtaking backdrop for your motorcycle tours in Bosnia, and also makes for some killer riding as well. Mountain switchbacks, vast open roads, and curvaceous countryside make for loads of thrills. There are also fantastic outdoor adventures throughout the country. Several of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rivers offer rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and fly-fishing while the surrounding hills and mountains feature hiking and camping during the warmer months and winter sports during the cold, snowy, winters.

Another result of that geography is that you’re likely to experience hot summers and cold winters, while areas of high elevation have shorter, cooler summers and longer, more severe winters. The little bit of land along the coast also has a more moderate climate that includes mild, rainy winters. With that in mind, we would recommend any time from late spring through early fall, and we have coordinated our tour dates accordingly.

There are a few critical pieces of information to keep in mind during your adventure through Bosnia and Herzegovina. First, if you happen to be staying at a private residence, or any lodging that is not a commercial hotel, you must register with the local police within 24 hours of arrival! Next, do not venture far off the paved roads without a highly familiar local guide. There are, unfortunately, still many landmines and unexploded bombs left over from the conflict in the 1990s. Lastly, be polite and respectful of the country’s painful history, as well as its religious diversity. Beyond that, use common sense and be a responsible driver, and you aren’t likely to have any problems!

What Planet Ride offers for motorcycle adventures in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Planet Ride strives to find unmatchable road trip experiences, and the motorcycle tours Bosnia has to offer are no exception! We establish partnerships with only expert local guides – hardcore riders who have lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina or know it exceptionally well. We do feature a small handful of treks where you can ride entirely on your own without a guide. One great example of this would be the 16-day “Great Balkan Crossing,” which, in addition to the two days spent exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina, winds through Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, and Bulgaria. Maria, who is one of our motorcycle specialists living in Eastern Europe, will get you booked and ready to ride on your Bosnia road trip.

After arriving in Bucharest, Romania, Maria’s team will get you outfitted with your BMW adventure bike and give a brief introduction on the itinerary. Then, you’ll be ready to roll! After leaving the Romanian capital, you’ll explore some more of the country – the Carpathian Mountains, the largest salt mine in Europe, Dracula’s castle, and stunning panoramic alpine views – before reaching Serbia. Once there, you’ll navigate the Djerdap Gorge and the famous Iron Gates as you cruise towards the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo. Take some time to relax and explore. You can stroll through narrow cobblestone streets, immersing in the local history and culture. Be sure to visit the many mosques and Oriental-style shops that dot the city, and do not miss the amazing architecture, such as the Academy of Fine Arts and the Emperor’s Mosque. We at Planet Ride would also recommend that you try some of the local specialties such as the “jagnjetina,” a grilled lamb-based dish, or “Begova Cobra,” which is a classic Bosnian dish of slow-simmered chicken and okra soup. You and your riding partners will pack up and depart Sarajevo the following day, but you won’t be leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina’s magic quite yet. First, you’ll make a stop in Mostar, which is the cultural capital of the country. Its famous Old Bridge was originally built by the Turks in the 1500s, then tragically destroyed during the fighting of the 1990s. It has since been rebuilt as a nearly identical replica, and remains one of the landmark monuments of not only the town but all of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Once your time in Bosnia and Herzegovina wraps up, you’ll continue your motorcycle tours through Europe into Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, and Bulgaria. The sheer number of different places, sights, and cultures will provide plenty of excitement during this two-wheeled tour of Eastern Europe.