The Unforgettable Bolivian Highland Motorcycle Tour

Bolivia - 15 days trip with motorcycle - starting at € 1913
Discover Salar de Uyuni, a destination straight out of your imagination
Enter the rich history of the silver mines of Potosí
Live a true Bolivian motorcycle adventure
Guide speaks : French, English,
15 day trip
Driving 10 day
7h per day
with guide
1700km in total
From June to July
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Motorcycle Trips in Bolivian Highland

This trip hits all the highlights particularly for those either short of time or not sure of their skills. You’ll stay mostly on paved roads on this short trip packed with a ton of great activity. Beginning from the “Ruta del Che,” you’ll cross the mountains towards Sucre, the colonial capital of Sucre and get to experience the indigenous market of Tarabuco. From here, you’ll head over to the 500 year old silver mines of Potosi and get to experience the history of the Inca Empire. After this, you’ll cross across the largest salt-flats in the world “Salar de Uyuni,” Cochabamba and the highest “Cristo Statue” of South America. These are some of the most scenic roads of South America as you experience history as you wind your way through endless valleys, massive mountains and incredible wildlife.

Map of your Motorcycle road trip :

Day 1

Airport Pickup at Viru Viru, Santa Cruz

We will pick you up at the airport of Santa Cruz, Bolivia from where we drive to the small town Samaipata (120 km, 3 hours). From here, we will check into a comfortable hotel and spend the rest of the day resting and relaxing from the flight and getting ready for our adventure and start our Bolivia salar de uyuni tour.


Day 2

Santa Cruz - Samaipata

Todays adventure begins with a “briefing” where you will learn more about our route, the weird local “traffic rules” and about each other. You don’t have to bust out a notebook, but do pay attention! To get used to your bike, we will go for a ride to the archaeological site “El Fuerte” which is an old Inca town build around some of the oldest and largest stone-sculptures in the Americas.

Day 3

Samaipata - La Higuera

175 km

Now our Bolivia motorcycle tours really begins as we go towards the tiny mountain village of La Higuera. This place has become legendary as the place where Cuban revolutionary hero Che Guevara was captured and executed. We will stop for lunch in Vallegrande and visit the Che Guevara museum and see some of the other historic sites in the village. Then we will end the day as we arrive in La Higuera where you might be lucky enough to meet some of the locals who were eyewitnesses to the capture of the famed hero.

Day 4

La Higuera - Villa Serrano

120 km

After visiting some truly historic sights of the village including the famed school-house where Guevara had his final confrontation with the armies, we will head to Villa Serrano. Crossing through the beautiful mountains, we will stop for lunch on a suspension bridge over the Rio Grande and if the conditions are right you can even stop here for a swim. After our break, we will arrive in Villa Serrano in the afternoon where you might be lucky enough to see the world largest Charango, a 6 meter tall type of Bolivian guitar, that was built to commemorate don Mauro, a local charango hero.

Day 5

Villa Serrano - Sucre

190 km

Get ready to start early on our Bolivia motorcycle adventures as we leave Villa Serrano to visit Tarabuco, the “Sunday-Market.” It is a rare place to really meet the indigenous people of Bolivia and get to experience authentic and ancient culture of the region. After lunch, we continue our drive to Sucre, Bolivia’s capital. The rest of the afternoon is yours to explore this incredible city. The entire city-centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Day 6

Sucre - Potosi

155 km

This is what makes this the best of any Bolivia motorcycle tours.Get ready to climb as we head up to 4000 meters above sea level! Today’s smooth tarmac drive will be all gliding as we cruise up the altiplano (high planes) until we reach Potosi which is the highest city above sea level in the world!

Day 7

The Historic Silver Mines

Today, we will spend less time on the bikes and more time exploring the historic city where will begin by exploring the “miner’s market” where you can buy anything from coca leaves to dynamite! If you enjoy a little bit of fireworks, then don’t worry, we have a special treat for you ! Afterward, we will continue to mountains where you will be “geared up” to descend deep into Pajcha Mama or the belly of mother earth. Here you will see a 500 year old and still operating silver mine. Just be ready for some small spaces! After lunch, we will head over to the “Casa de Moneda” or the mint. At one point, every single coin used in the western world was made here.

Day 8


205 km

We are back on the bike as our Bolivia motorcycle adventures continue passing through some incredible scenery and through tiny villages and thousands of llamas. We are headed to Uyuni where will visit a “train graveyard,” an incredible collection of old steam locomotives and historical artifacts dating back to the 19th century.

Day 9

Uyuni - Salar de Uyuni

230 km

This is what you have been waiting for— Bolivia salar de uyuni tour.The Salar de Uyuni are the largest flats on earth. It’s actually a dried up lake the size of a small country at roughly 11,000 square kilometers. It is a completely unique experience with nothing, but blue sky and white salt creating a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Your eyes will play all kinds of tricks on you and it’s a great place for some unbelievable photography. During this excitement, we will make our way to the world famous Dakar Monument, one of the most spectacular pieces of Inca history.

Day 10

Salar de Uyuni - Oruro

320 km

Today, we will leave Uyuni and head out on the paved roads towards Oruro passing along the way many beautiful small villages. Our stop tonight is famous for two things: it’s incredible markets and fantastic barbecue restaurants.

Day 11

Oruro - Cochabamba

220 km

Get ready for some curvy roads today! Unlike the rest of the Bolivia motorcycle tours out there, we will do some real driving today! We will climb again high into the mountains at 4,500 meters before descending into the valley of Cochabamba home to one of Bolivia largest markets. The city is off the typical tourist path and is a great place to see authentic Bolivian culture. Bonus fact: it is also considered the “culinary capital” of the country so get ready for a real treat!

Day 12

Cochabamba - Totora

145 km

Today’s drive will be a smooth cruise to Totora. In the morning, we will visit the largest “Cristo” sculpture in South America. At nearly 40 meters in height, it is quite a big taller than the world famous “Cristo de Rio de Janeiro” in Brazil. After we leave the city, you will have the opportunity for a fresh fish lunch and passing through the beautiful countryside, we will finally arrive in Totora, a small colonial town in the mountains.

Day 13

Totora - Samaipata

265 km

Our  Bolivia motorcycle adventures are drawing to end on our last day of riding as we This we return to Samaipata via a marvelous motorcycle road that curves though the mountains and we toast our achievements.

Day 14

Samaipata - Santa Cruz

We leave our bikes behind and set off for Santa Cruz where we can do some last minute souvenir shopping and enjoy foods from all over including the Brazilian Churrasqueira as well as the famous Bolivian-Asian fusion foods in the city. We will have a farewell dinner and remember everything from this incredible Bolivia salar de uyuni tour.

Day 15


It’s always sad to say goodbye. But now that you have had your first taste of Bolivia, you’ll definitely be back for more!

For this trip, your vehicle is: Kawasaki motorcycle - Suzuki motorcycle - Honda motorcycle.

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

Price for this road trip starts at 1913€ for each rider .

1100 € : price passenger

2930 € : Price single if rider is alone and wants a private room

Price includes :

  • Fuel oil
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Guide
  • Vehicle
  • Airport transfer


Price doens’t include :

  • Alcool
  • Mini bar
  • Traffic fines
  • Snack
  • Vol
  • Bike gear


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