The Impossible 21 Day Bolivian Excursion

Bolivia - 21 days trip with motorcycle - starting at € 4320
Discover Salar d'Uyuni
Ride the Atacama Desert
The most difficult Bolivian motorcycle tour pushing you across the road of death
Guide speaks : French, English,
21 day trip
Driving 15 day
7h per day
with guide
3000km in total
From October to November
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I have traveled the world on all type of vehicles but motorcycle rides remain my favorite ! I have now specialized myself into road-trips manufacturing... What I love the most…

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Bolivian excursion, your next impossible road trip

The name says it all. Reaching the top of Uturuncu Mountain is almost impossible but you will go for it on the ultimate tour.  Just when you thought you got through the toughest test, you will cross across the tricky deserts of the high country. Soft sand, rocky roads, no roads— It's all included. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, takes you deep into the unbelievable beauty of the South- Lipiz Desert and its colored lagoons, active volcanoes, geysers and spectacular rock formations. You’ll have some times to relax on the way. Naturally we will also visit colonial capital Sucre, the silver-mines in Potosi, the salt-flats in Uyuni, the surrealistic scenery of Tupiza (known as the scariest busride of Bolivia) and many more spectacular places and roads. On top of all this, we will attempt to ride our motorcycles on the absolute highest road in the world which cuts across the sky at 19,000 feet above sea level. This is the best South America has to offer!

Map of your Motorcycle road trip :

Day 1

Airport Pickup at Viru Viru, Santa Cruz

After your plane touches down in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we will journey over to the small town of Samaipata (120 km, 3 hours). This is your last opportunity to take a little rest and get ready for the beginning our Bolivia salar de uyuni tour.

Day 2

Santa Cruz -Samaipata

We warm up today with some basic preparation about the rules and regulations in Bolivia. You don’t want to get slapped with a traffic fine just because you didn’t know something or other. After getting familiar with the rules of the road and your bike, we will cruise over to “El Fuerte” which a pleasant drive just outside of town and home to one of the most ancient Inca settlements.

Day 3

Samaipata - La Higuera

157 km

Are you ready for your Bolivia motorcycle adventures to really get under way? Today we embark and make our way to the mountain town of La Higuera. This charming little village has had quite a fascinating history. Fifty years ago, it’s where Ernesto “Che” Guevara made his last stand against Bolivia authorities. The town is know how to a museum based on the event and life of the revolutionary leader. If you are lucky, you may even be able to speak to a few locals who were there to witness the incredible events.

Day 4

La Higuera - Villa Serrano

120 km

We will spend a little more time in La Higuera and learn some more about Che Guevara’s last days. We will head to little school house where Guevara fought hard against the armies. After this we will head out of town and drive over the Rio Grande where will have lunch on suspension bridge that overlooks the famous river. If we are lucky enough, the weather will be just right for a little swimming. After this, we will then ride up to Villa Serrano which is home to the world’s largest Charango, a Bolivian style guitar, which stands 6 meters high!

Day 5

Villa Serrano - Sucre

190 km

Our Bolivia motorcycle adventures will continue as we journey towards Bolivia’s capital. As we make our way across the country we will visit Tarabuco, the famous Sunday market and home to Bolivia’s indigenous peoples. It is a good place for a little local culture and food before we head off to Sucre which has one of the most charming city centers on the planet. All of it is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 6

Sucre - Potosi

155 km

Get ready to climb as we take our bikes to well over 4,000 meters above sea-level. That’s right, we talking almost five miles high! Today we ride across the altiplano, the high planes, of the Bolivia straight into Potasio, which is the highest standing city in the world!

Day 7

The Historic Silver Mines

On our Bolivia motorcycle tours, we like to give you the opportunity to do a little bit of everything. And sometimes that even includes a little time off the bike! We are going to begin by exploring the miner’s market, an incredible place where you can buy almost anything you can imagine from pickaxes to TNT. We might just pick a little of that up ourselves and have some fun later. Afterward, we descend deep into Pacha Mama or mother earth. Get ready for some small spaces as we explore the twists and turns of the world’s oldest operational silver mining. The day will end by us heading to the “Casa de Moneda Y,” the famous mint which at one point at had been the source of every coin made in the Western World!

Day 8


205 km

We promised a Bolivia salar de uyuni tour and we are soon going to deliver. Today, we get back on our bikes and continue our adventure across the incredible Bolivian countryside. We will see many villages and thousands of llamas. When we arrive in Uyuni, we will see a “train graveyard.” You’ll jump straight into the past as we explore the incredible ruins of the ancient silver trains of Bolivia.

Day 9

Uyuni - Uturuncu

260 km

Get ready to enter the desert. This is a true desert where nothing grows, but the road twists and turns through the incredible valleys. Soon the roads turn to sand and dirt as we journey hard into the desert. After this journey, we will settle at the base of the Uturuncu volcano for the night.

Day 10

Uturuncu - Polques

120 km

Get ready to scale Uturuncu via the highest road in the world (at a staggering 19,000 feet) before we continue our expedition into Laguna Calvin and its thermal waters. We will spend the night next to a hot-spring where you can sit in steaming-hot water, gazing at a zillion stars.

Day 11

Polques - Agua de Perdiz

182 km

Heading south we pass through painted desert landscapes, endless valleys littered with massive rock-pillars until we arrive at the “green-lagoon”. We turn north passing volcanic vents that blast their gasses into the cold sky, bubbling boiling colored mud-pools and the “red lagoon” with islands made of crystal-white borax where thousands of flamingos come to breed. Passing the famous “stone tree” (arbol de piedra) we end the day at Agua de Perdiz, an amazing sandy valley where the “road” is 5 km wide.

Day 12

Agua de Perdiz - The Necropolis of San Juan

150 km

Head towards the “Valley of the Dead.” We will journey across the active volcano Ollague and the “stinking lake” which is a salt lake located in the National Wildlife Area with 1,000 flamingos we make our way to the remote town of San Juan and its creepy “Necropolis” (city of the dead).

Day 13

The Necropolis of San Juan - Crossing the Salt Flats to Uyuni

247 km

Still surrounded by empty desert we make our way to an even more desolated area, the Uyuni salt-flats. You’ll journey across 11,000 square kilometers of pure salt, as flat as a pool-table. We´ll ride across it and make a stop at “Cactus island” for lunch before we´ll return to the more inhabited part of the world.

Day 14

Crossing the Salt Flats to Uyuni - Tupiza

185 km

In the morning we leave Uyuni behind us and via the altiplano desert we will make our way towards Tupiza, the place where the infamous Bandits, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, were finally gunned down. It’s almost impossible to beat the scenery in this incredible environment.

Day 15

Tupiza - Tarija

205 km

Bolivia motorcycle tours really can’t get any better than this true exploration. It’s time to descend just a bit head towards that back country roads and deep canyons of the wine growing regions of Bolivia. We will dine among royalty as we eat dinner at the incredible historic home of the marquis of Tarija.

Day 16

Rest Day in Tarija

After these rugged days of Bolivia motorcycle journeys, you deserve a break! You really can’t beat Tarija for that. You can head out to the different wineries of the region, hike some of the small hills or just take a swim and siesta.

Day 17


245 km

If you are rested and ready, then it is time to continue our journey. Get ready for some of the toughest roads in Bolivia. You’ll be happy you are own your own motorcycle because this road is actually considered the scariest bus-ride in the country. Don’t worry, you’ll be ready for it after all those tough days on the road.

Day 18

Villamontes - Charagua

210 km

After all these days off road, you’ll be happy for a little smooth tarmac. We will finally be back on normal roads, but don’t get used to it because we will be back on the sand as we journey across the Chacco and twist through the river-crossing via an old but still used railway bridge.

Day 19

Charagua - Samaipata

305 km

We are heading back to the start of our unforgettable Bolivia motorcycle tours. Today your roads will be a mixture of sand, cement and you’ll be back in the city. After a thousand miles on the road, it’s time to say bye to our motorbikes and enjoy a good hot shower as we get ready to head towards Santa Cruz.

Day 20

Samaipata - Santa Cruz

Even though we have said bye to our bikes, it doesn’t mean the adventure has finished. We still have one more day to enjoy the thrills of Santa Cruz and maybe do a little souvenir shopping and enjoying the great food of the town.

Day 21


Our adventure has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for tears. With all those miles past us, you’ll have some crazy memories you’ll never forget!

For this trip, your vehicle is: Moto Kawasaki - Moto Suzuki - Moto Honda.

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

Price for this road trip starts at 4320€ for each rider .

4580 € : Price single if rider is alone and wants a private room


Price includes :

  • Fuel oil
  • Accomodation
  • Food
  • Guide
  • Vehicle
  • Airport transfer


Price doens’t include :

  • Alcohol
  • Mini bar
  • Traffic fines
  • Snack
  • Flight
  • Bike gear


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