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Bolivia may be only one of two landlocked countries in South America, but within those borders, you will find an incredible blend of cultures, geography, and history waiting to be explored! The more remote stretches outside the typical tourist destinations offer all sorts of outdoor adventure, like rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and jungle treks. These sparsely populated areas are perfect for an adventure touring motorcycle trip. You can gear up, and take off down rough dirt roads through mountains and jungles, while immersing in the culture. The people of Bolivia and their culture date back thousands of years, and comprise a unique mix of numerous Native American populations, Spanish colonialism, and the more recent struggles for independence and democracy. The further you get from the major population centers the more connected you will become to the traditions and history of the locals. One spectacular way to immerse yourself in this incomparable culture is through one of our many Bolivia motorcycle tours. Bolivia’s geography and natural beauty is no less diverse. It comprises the soaring heights of the Andes mountains, the martian landscape of the Uyuni salt flats, the world’s highest lake (Lake Titicaca at 3,805m), and much, much more. The country is also loaded with gorgeous national parks. These include the amazing biodiversity of Madidi and the Cataratas Arcoiris waterfall of Noel Kempff Mercado. There are also the ruins of Tiwanaku, which was part of a pre-Incan civilization, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site! With one of Planet Ride’s Bolivia adventure tours, you’ll cruise on two wheels from one of these awesome places to the next.

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Other Need-to-Know Information about Bolivia

The climate in Bolivia is no less varied than the culture and geography. In fact, it coincides with that geography and ranges from humid and tropical in the llanos region to the cold, arid desert of the altiplano. In general, summer lasts from November through March and is usually warm and rainier, while the remainder of the year is colder and drier. For an adventure motorcycle tour, we would recommend traveling between April and December.   International arrivals in Bolivia, typically mean landing in La Paz, but Santa Cruz is another large hub for the country. Many of our tours begin in one of these two cities. For those making a broader tour of South America, it is possible to enter the country overland by car or bus. Once in Bolivia, Buses, planes, and even trains are all good ways to get around the country. Should you be arriving overland, keep in mind that many of the roads in Bolivia are not paved, especially as you get further away from major cities. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you have your visa in order. Most Europeans and Central and South Americans will not need a visa. Canadians can enter without a visa, but may only stay for 30 days, although, that can be extended to a total of 90 days with a visa. U.S. nationals can obtain a visa that is good for ten years, but have a few extra rules to follow. You must have proof of a hotel reservation, sufficient funds, and pay a $160 fee.  

Why Planet Ride should be your only choice for motorcycle adventure in Bolivia

Plant Ride offers a variety of Bolivia adventure tours to satisfy your adrenaline rush. You could hit the road on two wheels with any one of our Bolivia motorcycle tours, such as escaping the tourist traps on a 15-day trip that covers 1700 kilometers. After arrival in Santa Cruz, you’ll take a little time to get oriented, before heading off to the ancient Inca archaeological site of El Fuerte. Further along on this trip, you will mingle with locals in traditional garb at the Sunday market in Villa Serrano and check out the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sucre. Next we explore the old mining town, and one of the highest towns in the world, Potosi. Then it’s on to the salt deserts of Uyuni. Next, we’ll cruise through Cochobamba and several other towns, before winding along the mountains on our way back to Santna Cruz. Typically, we’ll be on the road for about seven hours each day, covering distances of about 200km. If that doesn’t sound like enough adventure, and you really want to test your skill, check out a Death Road Bolivia motorcycle tour !  

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No matter which type of Bolivia adventure tours you decide to choose, we will provide you a unique road trip experience, and the possibilities are practically endless. Planet Ride will help you find the route and the vehicle that perfectly fit your needs. You can choose all the aspects of your trip, including the itinerary, your group, and your local guide. Then, you’ll head off for an absolutely unforgettable road trip! Our specialist partners will help you discover the beauty, culture, and richness of the lands you explore, while also offering any technical assistance you may need. Choose a route and indulge your riding pleasures, whether on-road or off the beaten path !   Planet Ride also offers trips for all levels of experience. Our shorter Bolivia adventure motorcycle circuits are generally low mileage trips on well-paved roads that are easily travelled by beginners and experienced riders alike.The longer motorcycle road trip circuits are recommended for riders that are more accustomed to riding these longer distances, but are still usually on paved roads that make for smooth and easy riding. Lastly, our motorcycle adventure circuits, like the Death Road Bolivia motorcycle tour, are reserved for experienced motorcycle riders that are comfortable riding long distances, often off-road, and want to push their limits !   You can rely on Planet Ride to be your trusted Third Party through the entire trip process, from booking online all the way through the last kilometer of the trip. We have a Quality Charter signed by us and all of our travel partners to guarantee it! We offer the best value for the money, security of payment, and vehicle insurance. You can also read traveller ratings and reviews to judge for yourself !   For all your Bolivia adventure tour needs, look no further than Planet Ride !