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Travel to Italy in a Vintage Vehicle

A road trip to Italy to enjoy this beautiful country in legendary vehicles that have made their mark in Italian history

On this road trip to Italy, enjoy la dolce vita aboard your legendary Fiat 500 convertible or Vespa scooter. Let yourself be guided by the small roads and travel to some of the most sublime landscapes, discovering the natural beauty, culture and history of Italy at your own pace.

Explore Italy in a legendary vehicle perfectly adapted for a pleasant road trip designed to experience the culture, the natural beauty and the excellent cuisine of Italy at one's own pace

Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Le Marche, Umbria… Our expert-designed trips will take you to some of the most beautiful parts of Italy. Travelling in style in a Fiat 500 convertible or a Vespa scooter, vehicles which have attained a legendary status in Italian automobile history, you drive at your own pace on Italian roads to cross the Apennine Mountains, travel along the Adriatic coast and pass by valleys and plains dotted with vineyards and olive groves. You drive your vintage vehicle through picture-perfect Italian landscapes to Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, and explore the stunning natural beauty of Valpolicella wine region. You also visit the architectural ruins of Italian Renaissance era and enjoy the refined cuisine of this Mediterranean country. Go on a road trip to Italy in a legendary vehicle and explore this splendid country and its dolce vita, freely, without restrictions and at your own speed, stopping whenever and wherever you want to.

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Angela - Italy - legendary vehicle


Certified specialist legendary vehicle

Partie d'Italie, j'ai exploré l'Afrique du nord et suis restée sous le charme des rencontres et des paysages. La Tunisie est pour moi une seconde famille, j'y ai monté avec mon mari une…

 Tataouine (Tunisie)
Roberta - Italy - legendary vehicle


Certified specialist legendary vehicle

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