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Italy tours that let you race the open road in awesome cars!

A lot of Italy tours focus solely on the cities and shuttle you around by bus or train. Boring, right? Instead, opt for a car adventure through Planet Ride! Our tours allow you to not only encounter the local culture but live it like a local. Whether exploring the lakes of Lombardy, the coastline of Liguria, the ancient ruins of Pompeii, or the southerly volcanic mountains of Calabria and Sicily, you’ll have a blast as you cruise down Italian highways and backroads.

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Italy tours that let you race the open road in awesome cars!

We feature a variety of vehicles, from motorcycles and scooters to camper vans, and a number of different rental cars. One timeless classic is the Fiat 500. With the freedom to cruise from town to town and explore the roads of Italy in a Fiat 500 rental car, your options are nearly endless. One day, you can taste the renowned cuisine of Bologna, Parma, and Reggio Emilia while the next you can be sipping the world-famous wines of Tuscany as you casually meander from vineyard to vineyard. Trying to list out all of the amazing things to see and do in Italy would take the rest of this page, and then some. You’re guaranteed to have a great time no matter which regions of Italy you do visit. A lot of people associate Italy only with pasta, pizza, wine, and the Tuscan countryside, and that’s not wrong, but each aspect of Italy’s culture and geography is actually far more diverse! Well, wine and pasta are ubiquitous, but you’ll find countless regional specialties and differences as you travel throughout the country, and you’d be a fool to make broad generalizations. One can get lost in the list of varieties, from a Chianti in Tuscany to a Barbera in the Piedmont region, or the risotto of Lombardy to the pesto of Liguria. The simple solution - try it all! Another aspect of Italian culture that you should not miss is the fantastic art. The Renaissance brought about amazing artists of all disciplines - sculpture, like The David from Michelangelo, paintings, like Da Vinci’s Last Supper, and countless others - now housed in museums like The Uffizi of Florence or The Brera Gallery of Milan. The geography and weather across Italy are just as varied as the sights, attractions, cuisine, and wines. Within the country’s three hundred thousand, or so, square kilometers, there are massive mountain ranges, thousands of kilometers of coastline, rivers, gorgeous freshwater lakes, forests, rolling hills, volcanoes, and much more. The average high and low temperature and the severity of the winters will also depend on which part of the country you find yourself in. Generally, though, late spring through early fall will hold the best weather throughout the country, and that is when we would recommend you plan your car adventure trip. You’ll quickly find that driving in Italy isn’t much different than driving in the United States or most other European countries. Sure, things are measured in kilometers, and the signs look a little different (for those of you coming from the U.S.), but it won’t be a difficult adjustment. However, there are some driving-related items to be aware of during your Italian car adventure. First, you’ll find that most major highways are toll roads. Be sure to have plenty of cash on hand and don’t lose your ticket! Also, make sure you enter the correct lane, not one of the electronic “Telepass” lanes. Next, pay close attention when driving in larger cities and be careful not to enter the Zone a Traffico Limitato (Limited Traffic Zones), often abbreviated as “ZTL.” These are restricted areas in many Italian cities where only authorized vehicles are permitted. They are usually, but not always, limited to the historical centers. Signs and cameras mark the entrances, but they can easily go unnoticed as you look for a parking spot or your next turn. Outside of the usual things you should be concerned with anywhere, there aren’t really any safety concerns for Italy. Use common sense, don’t go to the questionable parts of town, travel together when possible, etc., and you aren’t likely to have any problems during your Italy tours.

What Planet Ride offers for car adventures in Italy

What sets Planet Ride apart is our uncompromising standard of working with only the best local guides. Whether or not those guides join you on your car adventure, as we do feature some tours where you travel on your own, they will provide fantastic service and an unforgettable experience. You’ll be met shortly after arriving, and your guide will provide a detailed brief on your vehicle and the trip. Once on the road, your guide will be there to assist with every last need - figuring out road signs, deciphering that local menu, changing a flat tire, or whatever hiccup you might encounter. One of our current Italy tours lets you retrace the route of the Mille Miglia auto race that took place during the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. After arriving in Florence, you’ll set out through the countryside of Italy in your Fiat 500 rental car. The familiar sights of Tuscany fade away as you journey towards the forested mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The trek includes a stretch on the legendary La Futa Pass, whose twists and turns offer excitement and an adrenaline rush like none other! Finally, Bologna. There, in the city of “la dotta, la grassa, la rossa” (“the learned one, the fat one, the red one”) the nickname it earned for its amazingly long-standing university, its renowned gastronomy, and its nearly endless red roofs. Next, you’ll take the ancient Roman road of Via Aemilia through the plains of the Po Valley towards San Marino and the Adriatic coast. Along the way, you can enjoy stops at the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, or the town of Cesenatico, whose harbor was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. As you continue on your trek, you’ll visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Urbino, which was a cultural capital of the Renaissance. You can also visit the splendid Ducal Palace, before resuming your drive across the lush green Cesano valley and then and the beautiful hills of Le Marche, before reaching Serra de’ Conti, where you’ll spend the night. The next day’s drive will bring you into the region of Umbria. Here, you’ll visit Gubbio, a village perched atop Mount Ingino and bedecked with Gothic architecture. Make sure to visit the Palazzo dei Consoli before getting back on the road and heading for Perugia and its Etruscan ruins. Finally, Città della Pieve will be your stop for the night. As this Fiat 500 car adventure wraps up, you’ll make stops in San Quiricio d’Orcia, which was a historic stop for the Mille Miglia auto race, the medieval city of Siena, the vineyards and countryside of Chianti, and the towns of San Gimignano, San Casciano in Val di Pesa, and Certando. Lastly, you’ll make your way back to Florence for your return trip home.