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    893 $ : price per rider on a base of 4 persons

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    Included :

    • 13 Days, 12 Nights Rental Vehicle
    • Rental Vehicle One Way Transfer Fee from Cusco to Lima
    • Camping sites fees
    • 250 KM of driving daily.
    • Extra driver free
    • Vehicle cleaning.

    Not included :

    • International and Domestic Flights
    • Domestic air tickets for the Cusco / Lima route. Approximate rate between USD 150.00 to 200.00 per pax (Rates are subject to change without
    • previous notice.)
    • Optional Hotels, Activities, Tours and Meals in RV
    • Tolls
    • Diesel fuel
    • Health Insurance
    • Personal expenses
    • Beverages
    • Tips for transfers, guides or waitress.
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    Day 1 Lima – Paracas

    256 km

    After breakfast, our team will meet you at your hotel with everything you need for your adventure. We’ll introduce you to your vehicle and and tell you everything you need to know about a campervan road trip Peru before you set off! By mid-morning, you’ll be on the road headed down the famous Pan American Highway on your way to the Paracas National Reserve. This scenic drive along Peru’s southern coast is simply beautiful. By afternoon, you’ll enter the Paracas Reserve and be able to set up your camp right on the beach! You can enjoy so much here including some swimming and hiking before you light the campfire and enjoy a night under a million stars. Some additional activity options include renting dune buggies, kiteboarding lessons at the famous Kangaroo Kite School, wakeboarding and so much more!

    Day 2 Paracas – Nazca

    221 km

    Enjoy a little breakfast at your camp spot before you head over the Paracas Jetty on your Peru road trip. Here’s you’ll enjoy a boat road the stunning Ballestas Islands where sea lions, penguins, Peruvian Boobies, cormorants and so many amazing creates live. You’ll then head over to enjoy lunch in Chaco Town in Paracas before returning to the Pan-American Highway and heading into one of the driest deserts in the world that sits at the base the Andes Mountains. As you make your way across this gorgeous desert landscape, you’ll stop off to enjoy a little dune buggy side-adventure or some sandboarding. If this doesn’t interest you, then you can head into the vineyards in Ica and learn about the history and process of making Peru’s famous grape liquor—Pisco. By afternoon, you’ll arrive in Nazca where you’ll have a little time to enjoy the sunset and another beautiful night. You can choose to spend another night in your campervan or enjoy one the great local hotels.

    Day 3 Nazca – Puerto Inca

    165 km

    Before continuing on your journey south, we recommend you enjoy an early morning overflight adventure over the Naza Line to view the beautiful mysteries of the ancient Nazca culture. You’ll be able to discover an incredible UNESCO World Heritage SIte and truly dig into the local culture. After the flight, you’ll have time to cruise and savor the drive because you’re not headed far. Puerto Inca is just a short distance away. The town has long been a famous fishing village where the locals would dry the catch of the time and send it to Cusco. In Puerto Inca, you discover the remains of “secaderos,” ancient places that played a largely ceremonial role in Nazca culture as well as other archaeological artifacts nearby. There’s more natural beauty to enjoy as well. From your campsites, you can easily hike out to Humboldt Penguin Beach and enjoy some Kayaking at Black Sand Beach. There’s also a beautiful cathedral rock formation located not far from your campsite.

    Day 4 Puerto Inca – Arequipa

    411 km

    You’ll want to get rolling by 9:30 on your Peru road trip at the latest today to soak up the most you can from the wonderful drive you’ll have at your fingertips today. Today, you’ll ascend for 0 feet above sea level to over 6,000 feet climbing high into the Andes! Get ready for some twists, turns and truly beautiful panoramas. Be sure to stop along the way to enjoy some of the lovely towns and villages. Do note, there’s nowhere to stay the night though until you reach Arequipa so be sure to reach there by late afternoon where you can enjoy visiting the Quebrada La Vaca archaeological located near your campsite. Tomorrow’s a rest day so you may also want to book a hotel for a few added comforts.

    Day 5 Arequipa

    After these days of exciting adventure on our campervan road trip Peru, today’s break will be a great opportunity for you to take a little time and really get to know Arequipa, the “White City” of Peru. The town gets this nickname from the white ashlar stone that’s used to construct the building’s its historic center. Arequipa has a rich history and culture and there’s so much for you to do here. Just a few examples include enjoying a city tour through the beautiful areas of San Lazaro and the Carmen Alto Viewpoint along with the famous Cathedral and Monastery of Santa Catalina. Be sure to visit the Santuarios Andinos Museum where you can visit the Ampato Princess which was discovered in 1995. There’s even more you can do such as visiting the quarries of Canteras Virgenes and Canteras de Añashuayco which built the town. Be sure to also enjoy a meal in a local style “Picanteria” and some of the charming nightlife around the area.

    Day 6 Arequipa – Colca Canyon

    240 km

    It’s time to get back on the road on your Peru travel expedition! You’re headed to Colca Canyon, a beautiful nature park. Your goal should be to get as close to the famous “Cruz del Condor” the parks main attraction where you can see a dazzling array of condors soaring in the sky. Then head to your campsite situated in the charming La Granja Del Colca.

    Day 7 Colca Canyon, Cruz del Condor - Coporaque

    55 km

    Today’s a great day to soak up the Colca Valley. We recommend heading out in the morning to hike back towards Condor’s Cross where you’ll have more opportunities to see Condors in flights. You can return to enjoy breakfast at La Granja del Colca before meeting some of the local communities. In the afternoon we highly recommend enjoying a little relaxation at the hot springs before another beautiful night under the stars.

    Day 8 Colca Canyon – Lake Titicaca

    380 km

    Enjoy today’s lovely drive across the altiplano that will lead you to Peru’s gem, Lake Titicaca. You have a long drive ahead of you, so it’s best if you leave early so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the fun stops along the way. One great spot is Lampa nicknamed the “Pink Town” for its beauty and many surprised there. You’ll then head onto the Cabanillas Road driving through the city of Juliaca as you wind across the Peninsula of Capachica. Once you arrive, you’ll head into the Llachon Community where one of our local guide will escort you to a truly amazing lakefront camping spot. Then you can get ot know the Llachon people who are among the most hospitable in the whole country. They’ll be happy to show you around their town and explain to your their local customs such as the gorgeous handwoven textiles they make. Today’s a great day to get to know the locals then enjoy some lake activities like swimming and kayaking along with the charming Lampa Town.

    Day 9 Lake Titicaca

    Today’s all about enjoying the beautiful scenery of Lake Titicaca on our campervan road trip Peru. You’ll wake up and see the beautiful Llachon Beach and feel ocean vibes even though you are nearly 12,000 feet above sea level! You can enjoy breakfast with your host and then get ready for a full day adventure on the lake. You’ll begin by visiting the amazing Uros people who live on floating islands on the lake before heading over to view the stunning beauty of Amantani and cruising to the Taquile Island—home of expert textile makers. Your Llachon host will help you organizing all of these things so you can have an amazing adventure packed day full of great activities.

    Day 10 Lake Titicaca – Cusco

    411 km

    Time for you to get behind the wheel after an unforgettable Peru travel experience at Lake Titicaca. Head out early, so you can take time to enjoy a stop to Pucara—home of Peru’s most famous bulls. You can also explore the impressive archaeological sites in Raqchi as well as Inca-built Viracocha Temple. In Andahuaylillas, you can visit the beautiful Church of San Pedro Apóstol de Andahuaylillas which has been called the Sistine Chapel of South America. From here, you’ll head to Cusco where you enjoy the cool city and another great fire under the stars!

    Day 11 Cusco – Sacred Valley

    125 km

    Today, you’ll head into one of the most legendary Inca sites. You’ll begin by visiting Sacsayhuaman entering into the giant stone fortress of the Incas. From here you’ll make your way to the site of Tambomachay which was a revered ceremonial site dedicated to water and a resting places for the leaders of the Inca Empire. Then you’ll head south and explore the fascinating region of Tipon which is home to a unique collection of different microclimates and fascinating animal and wildlife species that go along with it. While here, you’ll discover one of the wonders of Incan civil engineering, a large irrigation work that sits on terraces cascading down the mountain. It’s truly a sight to behold! From Tipon, you’ll head into Lucre-Huacarpay Wetlands (aka the Laguna de Huacarpay). This gorgeous eco-tourism region is a stunning mixture of rare plants and animals that birdwatchers will particularly love. Then you’ll drive to the Pisac Archaeological Zone which is one of the most loved and visited in Cusco. It’s actually divided into two sections dating from the Incan and the Colonial eras. From here, you’ll continue into the main square which is filled with great local shops, cafes, and bakeries. Finally, you’ll head up to your campsite located near the town of Urubamba which is famous for its astronomical observatory. After this activity-packed day, you’ll be ready to enjoy a quiet fire and a little relaxation at your campsite.

    Day 12 Sacred Valley

    There’s more of the Sacred Valley for you to discover on today’s adventure. You’ll begin by heading to the Maras Salt Mines which are several hundred years old and a truly mesmerizing place. You can even bring some salt back home if you want! Then you’ll head up the concentric terraces in Moray and explore the microclimates and unique vegetation in each. For lunch, we have some excellent recommendations located near the beautiful Ollantaytambo archaeological site—the famous home of the Inca craft stone working. In the afternoon, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a wide range of different great activities. Just a few of the things you can do in the valley include climbing, horseback riding, and even rafting! You can also head to Machu Picchu via train or walk via the Inca Trail through the jungle crossing the Abra Malaga which will lead you into another entrance to Machu Picchu.

    Day 13 Sacred Valley - Cusco

    It’s time to wrap up your exploration of Peruo. You have two option to return your trusty vehicle in Cusco by 12 PM or 10 am in Urubamba Sacred Valley. Our team can help plan anything else you need for Peru travel including helping you book flights to see even more of this amazing country!


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