ATV Adventure in Italy

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A unique and thrilling ATV adventure through the dramatic landscapes of Sicily in south Italy

Italy is a country with incredible diversity. We highly recommend Sicily and its diverse and dramatic terrains for your next ATV adventure. This is an amazing opportunity for a thrilling off-road adventure that takes you through the best of Mediterranean terrains and landscapes. Going from the volcanoes to the sea, you stop and relax in a charming hotel at the end of each driving session.

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Having left Italy, I explored North Africa and remained under the spell of the encounters and the landscapes. Tunisia is for me a second family, I set up an all-terrain…

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Take the road less traveled, or no road at all, with a Planet Ride ATV Tour through Italy

If you want to turn the usual Italy tours on their heads, consider something outside the box, like an ATV expedition! You’ll have a truly authentic experience as you explore trails, villages, and the rest of the rarely seen aspects of Italian culture. We feature a variety of Italy tours, including motorcycles, cars, and camper homes, but our ATV adventures will take you deeper into the countryside and closer to the daily life of the Italian people.

Italy is incredibly diverse, and there is far more to see, do, and experience than the typical stereotypes would lead you to believe. Beyond the art, food, and wine, one can find breathtaking scenery and vibrant cultures. Even just writing the highlights here could take the rest of this page, and then some! You’re practically guaranteed a great time no matter which parts of Italy you visit. To give you some idea, though, the northern regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, or Veneto will vary drastically from the southern stretches that encompass Calabria and Sicily. In the latter, you’ll find everything from the tallest active volcano in Europe (Mount Etna) to ruins of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, and other amazing things like multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites and gorgeous vineyards.

While easily reachable, Sicily is an island separated from the mainland by the Strait of Messina, which is still 3 km wide even at its narrowest point. The entire island is quite hilly and is home to several mountain ranges and major rivers. The terrain leads to some awesome riding. On-road with a car or motorcycle, you can experience twists, turns, and hairpin curves, while off-road riding as part of an ATV adventure offers scenic trails and undisturbed dirt tracks. Sicily’s culture and cuisine are a bit different than what most people associate with Italy. You’ll find dishes heavily influenced by the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, as well as influences from the Arabic world and Italy’s Spanish “neighbors” on the other side of the island of Sardinia. Sicily is also home to several unique wines that won’t be found elsewhere in Italy. While there will be plenty of opportunities to try local dishes, if nothing else, make sure to taste a few Arancini along your Italy tours. These fried rice balls are a Sicilian fast food that are hot, greasy, and delicious!

Arriving on Sicily likely means a flight into Catania or Palermo, but one can easily reach the island via train, bus, boat, or your own means from the southern mainland. Other major airports throughout Italy include Milan, Rome, Venice, Genoa, and others. You can also easily reach the major cities by trains from other European capitals like Vienna, Paris, Geneva, and Munich.

Aside from the typical things you should be concerned with during any trip, there aren’t really any safety concerns specific to Italy. If you use common sense, avoid the sketchy parts of town, and travel together when possible, then you aren’t likely to have any problems during any of the Italy tours we feature.

What Planet Ride offers for ATV adventures in Italy

There are a few things that set Planet Ride apart from every other tour company out there. First, we have an unwavering commitment to working with only the best local guides. Second, we work with numerous tour providers to curate nothing but top-notch ATV expeditions and Italy tours. The majority of our trips will have a guide that travels with you for the entire itinerary. However, we offer some tours where you travel on your own without a guide. Regardless of how long you and your guide spend together, they will provide fantastic service and an unforgettable experience! You’ll be met shortly after arriving, and your guide will provide a detailed brief on your vehicle and the trip. Once on the road, They are ready to assist with every last need – like decoding the menu at a small local restaurant, explaining unfamiliar street signs, or swapping in the spare tire should you get a flat. No matter what you might encounter (but hopefully won’t), they will be there to help!

A great example of a Planet Ride ATV adventure would be our 6-day expedition through Sicily. In between bouts of off-road high-adrenaline thrills, you’ll bask in the sublime Mediterranean weather, feast on unforgettable cuisine, sip Sicilian wines, and take in the breathtaking scenery around you. Your guide, Angela, will meet you in Paterno to provide a briefing and get your acquainted with your quads. Forested hills, rivers, lakes, beautiful vistas await you on the first leg of the trip, and you’ll cruise through vineyards near Etna National Park before relaxing seaside, in the town of Taormina. From there, you’ll ride through the Etna Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with olive groves, and plantations of wheat fields and almond trees. Finally, you’ll reach Troina in Nebrodi Park. Day four of this ATV expedition brings you to the town of Caltagirone. This small town is famed for its ceramics and was also granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status for its baroque style architecture. On day five, you’ll explore yet another set of trails and mesmerizing Mediterranean landscapes as you head eastwards to Palazzolo Acreide, which was built on top of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Akrai. Finally, on your last day, you’ll drive to Syracuse, and then on to Paterno to finish off your trek.