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My name is Duyen or as most people know me as, JJ (it stands for jam jar, but that’s a story you can
ask about when you are on tour). I am proud of my country and there are things I want to share
with other riders and places I want to show them.

I will take you to areas in this wonderful country that just are not part of the ordinary tourist trail-
well at least not the foreign tourist trail. You will see Vietnam as the locals see it with its stunning
agricultural landscapes, the green of the jungle as the road rises to the central highlands and the
starkness of the desert landscape where the sands wisp across the roads in a relentless effort to
reclaim what was originally theirs. You’ll turn a bend and be surprised by the oasis secreted in the
middle of all the barrenness. You will turn another corner and catch a glimpse of pristine beaches
and coastal bays where the fishing fleets await their time. Fish farms, salt farms, rice farms all taking
their place in the landscape as you ride on roads that will bring a smile to the face of the casual rider
or the rider who enjoys the fun of roads that twist and turn for kilometre after kilometre.
I want to show to everyone a “Different Vietnam”. Our tours will guide you to places that the locals
want to visit themselves. Areas that holds some history from recent events or times in the distant
past. You will get there on roads that many riders often dream about… But only a few ever get to
experience for themselves.

This is just natural for me. I enjoy the completeness of motorcycles and providing tours. I love riding
along quiet roads that, winding through jungle vistas and quiet villages in valleys that seem to go
forever. There are new experiences to enjoy around each corner.

Having spent nearly a decade in the presence of a wide host of tourers from many different
countries, I thoroughly enjoy the appreciation of my customers, I understand how hard it is to trust
someone in another country. The positive feedback I receive back of my honesty, expertise and
reputation goes a long way. It also provides new riders an advantage knowing that we are endorsed
as a Specialist Planet Partner.
No day will be a tar-bashing exercise and at the end of each ride, you will relax at your hotel, maybe
having a drink or two before a delicious dinner.

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