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Ancient Archaeology and Fascinating Flora and Fauna in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe contains an almost unimaginable wealth of natural beauty, and is begging to be explored! The country resides in a landlocked stretch of southern Africa, but ironically is home to one of the world’s most amazing bodies of water - Victoria falls. This mass of cascading water spans more than 1,700 meters in width and tumbles more than 100 meters before continuing on its journey down-river. The falls draw in significant numbers of tourists on their own but are hardly the only attraction in this ancient nation. The national parks, and the amazing beasts that inhabit them, are not to be missed during your Zimbabwe travel. There are plenty of organized Zimbabwe safari tours, but why settle for a boring, canned, touristy experience, when you can set out on a raw, authentic tour of the country with one of our phenomenal local guides? With a Planet Ride tour, you can load up in a top-notch 4x4 and visit the natural wonders of Hwange National Park, Nyanga National Park, Victoria Falls, and the ancient stone city of Great Zimbabwe.

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What Planet Ride offers for 4x4 adventures in Zimbabwe

The geography of this nation cannot be understated! Over the course of a Zimbabwe tour with Planet Ride, you’ll witness three distinct regions - the small percentage of low-lying terrain, the mountainous Eastern Highlands, and the vast central plateau, which makes up the majority of the country. Large swathes of all these areas, especially along the northwestern border, have been preserved as national parks, and are where you’ll find the impressive flora and fauna of the country. The white rhinos, African elephants, spotted leopards, giraffes, and lions are but a few of the famed creatures you might glimpse during our Zimbabwe safari tours. Similarly, the bizarre baobab tree, dozens of different aloe species, and the flame lily are some of the fauna that exists within Zimbabwe’s parklands. No matter how hard you try, though, much, much more will remain unseen. Take, for example, the hundreds of bird species, unique aquatic life like the Zambezi shark or black bream, and not to mention, reptiles, amphibians, and other creatures. With a 4x4 Zimbabwe travel adventure through Planet Ride, you’re sure to go beyond the bounds of any normal tour. You’ll immerse in the local culture, come closer to the wildlife, soar even higher on the adrenaline rush, and forge a deeper connection with the natural world around you!   At Planet Ride, we seek out the absolute best tours and feature nothing but expert local guides to ensure your Zimbabwe tour is unparalleled and unforgettable! Whether you want a quick jaunt or an extended eye-level look at the country you’re visiting, we have a tour that will fit your needs. Currently, we have curated a couple of amazing 4x4 options for Zimbabwe. Take, for example, our 11-day adventure with Stevie, or the slightly longer 14-day trek with Stacey. Both guides have a deep passion for the lands you’ll visit, and will accompany you every step of the way! Our guides are high-quality professionals and are the authority on the country you’re visiting, the animals you’ll see, the vehicles you’ll drive, and much more. Whether you need help changing a flat tire, figuring out what that road sign says, or just navigating the local culture and customs, they’ve got your back.   To give you a better sense of what to expect, consider the details on our 11-day Zimbabwe safari tours with Stevie. After arriving in Johannesburg, you’ll load up in Toyota Land Cruisers to venture into Botswana. Along the way, the group will visit the Okavango Delta and the Guma Lagoon Camp and take time to silently travel the local waterways in Mokoros, which are wooden canoes made by the Kavangos people. Eventually, you’ll cross into Namibia to explore the massive 100-square miles of Mahango National Park. Finally, Stevie will bring you to Chobe National Park and neighboring Zimbabwe. Chobe is home to a fantastic concentration of wildlife - herds of elephants, prides of lions, and much more. In fact, it’s one of the largest on the entire continent! Not only this, but some of the largest virgin forests remaining in the world exist here! During this final bit of your Zimbabwe tour, you’ll travel the bush by 4x4 while on the lookout for buffaloes, elephants, lions in the cool of the early morning. Later on in the day, during the afternoon, the Land Cruisers will be traded in for a boat cruise down the Chobe River to observe hippos, crocodiles, birds.