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Beautiful tourism destinations in Peru are exhaustless, spanning from exotic jungles to coastal deserts; the amazing peak of Andes Mountain to the shallow depth of the Mantaro Valley, the breathtaking view of Lake Titicaca to the scorching sun of Sechura Desert, beautiful will be an understatement when describing this country. Get ready for a boundless 4×4 roadtrip Peru once in the country because each day will bring along fun and fascinating activities to partake in. One thing is for sure; wherever you go in Peru, you’ll be met by the vibrant South American Andean Culture and accommodating local residents. Peru travel will enlighten you of the Inca Empire whose mention goes along with fabulous archaeological gems, rich heritage and immense wealth. Machu Picchu is the center of all these but is also complemented by other numerous fascinating archaeological destinations. Discovery is a word not foreign here, with important items being unearthed once in a while. Peru has the boasting rights to owning the highest tropical mountain range as well as the richest Amazon rainforest. Jaguars, caimans, and macaws are the signature of the country's wildlife. With the available cool climate in the country, its wildlife is diverse, similar, and different from that in Africa equally. The jungle, riverbanks, and clay licks are all suitable habitats for the animals and make them viewable to the always expectant tourists. Well, let not all these Peru adventures fool you about its people. The simple and peaceful life of the Peruvians remains unchanged. The generous citizens always find time to catch drinks with friends and talk over trending issues during cool nights. Peruvians are always open to visitors, teaching them of their ways of life as well as learning a few new tricks. A big No-No here, however, is being impolite to the locals. Respect is an essential virtue which is reciprocated as received. Be polite and always ask prior to taking pictures.

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Peru, my land of asylum, I surveyed for 18 years as a travel professional. If just like me you are passionate about open spaces, culture and authenticity, and well come…

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What Planet Ride offers for a tour in Peru

Planet Ride extends its expertise to the South American country of Peru. We’ve got three perks for you to choose from; the Peru 4×4, Peru Camper Van and Peru Motorcycle. Believe us when we tell you that each of these will be an adventure worth recalling. Easy it might not be, but with courage and determination, you’ll live to narrate the experience as if it happened yesterday. 4×4 roadtrip Peru takes you through the Altiplano Plateau whereas the Peru Camper Van and Peru motorcycle sees you tour across the Inca Valley. Your Peru adventures begin at Jorge Chaves International Airport, where you’ll be received by our guides and led to your rooms. If you’re from Europe or North America, you don’t require a visa if your stay is up to 6 months. This duration is more than our tour, which is scheduled to last 14 days maximum. You’re, however, welcomed to extend your Peru travel as much as you would wish and join other tourists in enjoying the fine dining and exotic tastes.
Laurent, who has 18 years experience, will be your guide. Rafael, who is passionate about travels and nature will assist him for the camper van tours. They’re both there to ensure that your trip is as smooth as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask them or enquire about anything. The 1200 km 4×4 roadtrip Peru and 2200 km Peru Camper Van tours will see you climb mountains, literally. Day 5 in the Peru 4×4 will be the most exciting in your Peru travel. You’ll head out and visit the floating islands of Uros. Your day will then end with a cultural Pachamama celebration before departing from the place. The camper van tour also isn’t left behind in the context of fun. Puerto Inca on day 3 welcomes you to learn everything about the Nazca Culture and its mysteries. Lake Titicaca and the Sacred Valley will also prove worth visiting. If you opt to go with the camper van tours, your vehicles during the trip are inclusive of the Hyundai H1 Campervan, Ford F250 Camper Elkhorn and Toyota Hilux motorhome. For the motorcycle trip, the available model is the Royal Enfield 500cc.

More to know about Peru

Our description of Peru won’t be complete without touching on the delicious cuisines that you’ll come across through every village that you visit during your Peru adventures. Take time to sit and enjoy their juxtaposed meals: hot and cold, delicate and robust as well as starchy and acidic foods. They are all delicious and bring a new, unfamiliar taste to the mouth. Some are crispy, while others are spicy. On top of beautiful tourism destinations, Peru is also home to vast delicious dishes and flavors that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. The Peruvian Primer, Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Aji de Gallina and Cuy are some of the names that you’ll come across in their food world. Peruvians are self-confident with their cooking skills and consider their meals amongst the best in the world. Truly, they don’t disappoint. Their guinea pig known as Cuy served with chips will make you appreciate the diversity and richness in other cultures when it comes to their meals. The taste is indescribable.

Your health is vital in every country that you visit, and Peru isn’t any exception to this. Ensure that you carry along any medication that you may need during the trip. Upon arriving at the country, you’ll be provided with vaccinations for Yellow Fever and Hepatitis, among other few diseases. It’s advisable to also have some Malaria medication with you. Peru’s drinking water isn’t heaven-sent, we have to warn you, and so carry along some purifying water with you. Have some antibiotics in case of indigestion problems. Travel in groups, and avoid peculiar places, especially at night. Interact with the locals but also be cautious of buying illegal goods. Above all, have fun and enjoy your Peru travel. Also, learn a word or two in Peru to brag to your folks back at home.