4×4 Tour to Discover Desert and Wildlife

Namibia - 15 days trip with 4x4 - starting at € 628
Surpass yourself in the dunes of the Namib desert
Meet the most traditionnal nomadic people, Himbas
Discover the fauna and flora of Southern Africa
Guide speaks : French, English,
15 day trip
Driving 8 day
4h per day
with or without guide
2300km in total
From March to December
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I have traveled the world on all type of vehicles but motorcycle rides remain my favorite ! I have now specialized myself into road-trips manufacturing... What I love the most…

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Blend between wild and human adventure

Are you ready to experience a true safari ? You’ll arrive in Namibia and cross the country by 4×4 and travel across its red dunes, the central highlands, the Spitzkoppe, and the wild Damaraland, where the elephants and rhinoceros of the desert stalk the sands. Along the way on our Namibia safari, you’ll experience unique cultures as you meet with the Himbas and the Bushmen. If you are looking for a tour packed with incredible wildlife and authentic experiences, then this is the trip for you !


Map of your 4x4 road trip :

Day 1

Arrive in Windhoek

50 km

Get ready to touch down in Windhoek, or “Ai-Gams,” the city of hot water. Surrounded by abundant natural hot springs, this city is the perfect place to relax before our adventure. At the airport, you’ll meet your driver who will take you over to your hotel. From here you can explore the city and enjoy the Alte Feste (Old Fort), Christchurch and so much more. Make sure you get a little rest though because our Namibia tours start in the morning !

Day 2

Windhoek - Sesriem and Sossusvlei

310 km

Our Namibia 4×4 tours kick off by journeying across one of the oldest deserts in the world, the Namib Desert. This massive desert stretches the length of the Namibian coastline and in it you can find some of the largest sand dunes in the world. At Sossusvlei, some are even nearly 300 meters tall! Along the way, we will start to encounter some of our first animals including warthogs, oryx, mountain zebras and even baboons. In the late afternoon, we’ll stop at Sesriem Camp. After a short climb up the Elim Dune, you’ll have the opportunity to see one of the most stunning sunsets in the world as you see the multicolored splendor of the sun dipping down across the Naukluft Mountains.

Day 3

Sossusvlei - Namibgrens

250 km

We continue our Namibia tours early so that we reach into the Sossusvlei and Deadvlei by sunrise. It’s truly unbelievable to see the colors change as the sun rises over the horizon. In the pleasant morning temperatures, we’ll stroll across the dune fields and experience the incredible wildlife of the area. Follow you guide, as you are taken down paths and trails where you can meet all kinds of animals. After our early morning adventure, get ready to take off as we cross above the desert and land in a suprise location where a champagne breakfast awaits you. Then, you’ll head back into the middle of the country where you have the option for some incredible hikes, canoeing, or more 4×4 adventures.

Day 4

Klein Spitzkoppe

440 km

Get ready for a packed day of adventuring on the roads of Namibia. We are on the road for Damaraland, but along the way we will stop at Spitzkoppe, an enchanting place where you will be able to discover the entirety of the Klein Spitzkoppe.

Day 5

Gross Spitzkoppe

50 km

After a long 4×4 journey, you’ll enjoy this opportunity to get out and really stretch your legs. We’ll hike around the Gross Spitzkoppe and if you are lucky enough, you just might come across the incredible rock paintings of the San people.

Day 6


225 km

Along the way, we’ll stop at Twyfelfontein UNESCO World Heritage Site which is home to the largest concentration of rock art in Africa. You can explore the over 2,500 Stone Age rock carvings along with the other 17 incredible rock art sites. Then, we’ll have a short hike that gives you a full view of the splendors of Damaraland.

Day 7


50 km

We start early on search for desert elephants and rhinoceros. Along the way, we’ll encounter other animals native to region like giraffes, kudu, springboks, raptors and maybe even cheetahs and leopards

Day 8

Grootberg Palmwag

120 km

We will continue our Namibia 4×4 tours north to Grootberg. Along the way, you’ll cross the dazzling granite and basalt landscapes and the hills and mountains of the region. Be on the watch for desert elephants and black rhinoceros. We’ll cross the ancient volcanic plateau of Etendeka and along the Grootberg Pass which will help us travel into the Palmwag Concession and our destination, the Palmwag Lodge. The lodge was formerly a big game hunting concession but has been transformed into a conservation zone where you can experience so much wildlife.

Day 9

Grootberg Palmwag

100 km

Today, you’ll meet the Himba, or red people, the nomadic shepherds who call the region home. They are one of oldest tribes of Namibia and you’ll get an inside look into their amazing culture and history as we journey into a small village near Bloemfontein in the Kaokoveld surrounded by Makalah palm trees and dry riverbeds.

Day 10

Plateau of Etendeka

50 km

In the morning we’ll hike the Etendeka Plateau. Here you can learn more about the local wildlife and how the stunning volcanic Etendeka mountains were formed. In the afternoon, we’ll have a safari to meet the big animals that live around the site including elephants, rhinoceros, lions, antelopes, zebras and giraffes.

Day 11

Etosha National Park

240 km

Today you will cross into the Etosha National Parks, one of the most stunning in all of of southern Africa. This is the real Namibia safari that you journeyed so far for. These plains are filled with animals from elephants to rhinoceros, zebras and gazelles and their fearsome predators, cheetahs and gazelles. Be sure to get an early start because of the heat, animals usually are more active in the earlier parts of the day. As we journey across the major sites on our Namibia 4×4 tours, you’ll get to see so much , wildlife. As the temperature climbs during the day, we’ll take a rest in one of the three camps, Okaukuejo, Namutoni or Halali, where we can rest before we go searching for new animal experiences. In the evening, we recommend you explore the watering holes where you can see more animal activities at night. What an adventure !

Day 12

Etosha National Park

200 km

You can’t see it all in one day. Today, you will have a full day of Namibia safari. We begin at sunrise and you’ll have countless opportunities to experience the huge variety of wildlife of Etosha.

Day 13


190 km

You will have one last morning safari before we head to Grootfontein. Along the way, we will check out Tsumeb and Otjikoto Lake, which is the largest permanent natural lake in Namibia. We’ll arrive in the area of Roy’s Camp and Fiume Lodge, where you can check out the many wonderful features of the local area.

Day 14

Roy's Camp

120 km

Along with our guides, we will have the opportunity to go the Living Museum of Ju / ‘Hoansi-San. Here you can learn about the San way of life where you can discover their traditions of hunting, gathering good, searching for water, making bows and traps, building fires by hand and so much more. It’s your opportunity to see living history !

Day 15


475 km

As we make our way back to the capital and wind up our Namibia tours, we can stop at Okahandja, the largest handicraft market in the country and the best place to buy authentic Namibian crafts.

For this trip, your vehicle is: a Land Rover 4x4 or Nissan 4x4 or Toyota 4x4.

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

Price for this road trip starts at 628€ for each rider .

Price for  the “classic, with guide” formula :

3325 € : Price for each rider based on 2 persons

2614 € : Price for each rider based on 3 persons

2202 € : Price for each rider based on 4 persons

2005 € : Price for each rider based on 5 persons


Price for  the “classic, without guide” formula :

908 € : Price for each rider based on 2 persons

742 € : Price for each rider based on 3 persons

628 € : Price for each rider based on 4 persons

575 € : Price for each rider based on 5 persons


Price for  the “comfort, without guide” formula :

2089 € : Price for each rider based on 2 persons

1908 € : Price for each rider based on 3 persons

1844 € : Price for each rider based on 4 persons

1805 € : Price for each rider based on 5 persons


Price for  the “comfort, with guide” formula :

4400 € : Price for each rider based on 2 persons

3685 € : Price for each rider based on 3 persons

2340 € : Price for each rider based on 4 persons

2986 € : Price for each rider based on 5 persons



Price includes :

  • Guide, vehicle, vuel and complete camping equipment
  • Meals and accommodation as indicated in the program
  • Accommodation following program and meals as indicated
  • Activities : Windhoek City Tour, Elim dune, Sossusvlei and Sesriem, Hiking in Namibgrens (half day and full day), Excursion to Namibgrens, Guided hike in Etusis (3 hours), excursion to Etusis, track to the desert elephant Walk to the Brandberg White Lady Painting (3 hours), Etosha safaris, nature walk at Roy’s Camp, Bushmen Day at the Living Museum of the Ju / Hoansi-San, Safari Mahango Game Reserve, Mudumu Safaris, Cruise on the Chobe River , Chobe Camp Safari, Chobe Safari, Victoria Falls Entrance, Lions Walk (elephant back safari)
  • Included in autotour formula (free) : – Nissan 4×4 double cab and unlimited kms vehicle
  • Safari pack includes : refrigerator, GPS, satellite phone, compressor, camping equipment, 2nd spare wheel
  • Accommodation as indicated in the program and a breakfast on the first morning


Price doesn’t include :

  • Visas
  • International flights
  • Meals not specified as in the itinerary
  • Souvenirs
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks (soda, alcohol, etc)

There are no fixed dates for this trip. You choose your departure dates yourself.


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