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Namibia may be a young country, but the land it occupies is as old as it is beautiful. Namibia’s struggle for independence contains plenty of tumultuous history, but that will be quickly forgotten as soon as you lay eyes on the countryside! Comprising extraordinary geography like the Great Escarpment, the hyper-arid gravel plains of the Namib, and two massive deserts, Many westerners likely look to South Africa or other African nations to experience the impressive wildlife, but Namibia safari tours should not be overlooked! Home to zebra, lions, desert elephants, other amazing creatures, and plenty of ecotourism options, you will not be disappointed.

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English native, I studied biology and animal behavior in France before moving to South Africa to move towards tourism. I continued with training to become a safari guide. I live…

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Namibia tours will take you through a unique array of landscapes, from the bone-dry martian environment of the Kalahari Desert to the infamous Skeleton Coast. Each is oddly beautiful, though, and some offer other, more extreme tourism options, like sandboarding and skydiving. Namibia 4×4 tours are also becoming more popular, and Planet Ride is at the forefront of that movement with top-notch guides and unforgettable excursions. With our trips, you can journey across southern Africa with a safari in Namibia’s massive Mahango National Park, or immerse in the unique local cultures as you meet with the Himbas and the Bushmen peoples. If you would like to spend some time in the city, tours often start and end in the larger population centers. The capital of Windhoek boasts plenty to see, do, and eat. One facet that catches the attention of most visitors is the architecture. Buildings across the country, as well as many other aspects of the culture, have a decidedly German influence, which stems back to the days of 19th and 20th-century colonialism.

The mind-blowing geography and wildlife of Namibia really cannot be exaggerated. The country’s constitution is one of only a few in the entire world that specifically addresses conservation and protection of natural resources. With natural features like the 100-mile long and 17-mile wide Fish River Canyon, the oddly shaped quiver tree, and ten percent of the entire world’s succulent species, it’s easy to understand why! Namibia safari tours will take you further off the beaten track and into these wild and wonderful environments than you ever could have imagined!

What Planet Ride offers for 4×4 adventures in Namibia

Planet Ride is in constant pursuit of the best tours and expert local guides, and we only partner with the small percentage that live up to our quality standards. That way, you are assured a fantastic experience, regardless of which Namibia 4×4 tours you choose! We do offer an even greater level of freedom on a few select tours, where you can venture out without a guide. Typically, though, our guides will accompany you along every mile of your journey. That ensures you have someone present should you need help changing a flat tire, greeting the locals, or simply finding the best place to eat! These guides have years of experience and an incredibly close relationship with the lands you’ll visit.

Currently, we feature everything from an 11-day jaunt through Southern Africa to a 21-day expedition that covers every last corner of Namibia. Our guides employ 4x4s from Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover, and if you’re looking for a particular vehicle, you can opt for the American off-road king with a jeep tour Namibia. To give you an idea of what you’ll experience, consider our 15-day Namibia safari tours.

You’ll begin by meeting your guide, Stacey, in the capital. There, you’ll get a primer on your journey before setting off across the Namib desert. Along the way, you will hopefully get an initial encounter with some of the local wildlife including warthogs, oryx, mountain zebras, and baboons. You’ll also have the opportunity to witness an unforgettable sunset as the last rays of light dwindle and dance across the Naukluft Mountains. Next, you’ll head back into the heart of the country for incredible hiking, canoeing, or just more off-roading. After a couple of days exploring the Klein Spitzkoppe and Gross Spitzkoppe mountains, where you might glimpse rock paintings from the San people, and a few long drives, you’ll stop at the Twyfelfontein UNESCO World Heritage Site which is home to the largest concentration of rock art in Africa. From there, this Namibia tours will take you north to Grootberg. There will be wildlife encounters along the way and a meeting with the Himba, local nomadic shepherds, once you arrive. The next few days will be spent hiking and venturing out on safaris to hopefully witness elephants, rhinoceros, lions, and more! By day 11, this particular 4×4 adventure will be nearing its end, but the excitement is far from over!

Etosha National park is one of the most stunning in all of southern Africa. You will enjoy two full days here, heading out in search of the lightning-fast cheetahs, nimble gazelles, and massive elephants and rhinoceros that call these lands home. On the way back to Windhoek, you’ll have another opportunity to stop immerse in the indigenous cultures with a visit to the Living Museum of the Ju/‘Hoansi-San. Here, you can experience the San way of life with hunting, gathering food, searching for water, making bows and traps, building fires by hand, and much more. Finally, as you make your way back to the capital and wrap up the Namibia 4×4 tours, you can enjoy a stop at Okahandja, the largest handicraft market in the country.