The nomadic 4×4 Mongolia Adventure

Mongolia - 10 days trip with 4x4 - starting at $ 4.750
Discover the Gobi Desert and the flaming cliffs
Exploration of the ruins of Ongii Monastery and of Hoshuu monastery
Mongolia tours in 4x4 Land Cruiser
Guide speaks : English,
10 day trip
Driving 8 day
5h per day
with guide
2300km in total
From August to August
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I come with a decade long experience and has personally led over 30 expeditions across the globe. I believe that experience are in it’s details; the places you stay, the…

Located in Bombay

An immersive 4×4 road trip, off the beaten path

Have you ever woken only to see all of your neighbors packing up and leaving? Mongolia is truly a unique place featuring one of the last (and largest groups) of nomadic societies in the world. It’s not easy getting out there and experience the incredible thrill of life in the Gobi Desert, but if you think you have what it takes, then we have the tour for you. Get ready to drive yourself in a Land Cruiser 4×4 across one of the most famous deserts on the planet. Along the way, you’ll discover ancient fossils hidden underneath flaming-red cliff, watch the sunset across the desert plains and experience the life of a truly Mongolian nomad. This an adventure for those looking to get off the beaten track and onto some truly unique terrain. Think you can handle it?

Map of your 4x4 road trip :

Day 1

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

You had to Mongolia to explore its wild, untamed wilderness. However, you jump out into the desert, you’ll begin by arriving in the country’s charming capital. Here, our team will welcome you and help you get over to your hotel. It’s a good day to explore some of the great museums, shops and restaurants located nearby. In the evening, we will debrief you on our Mongolia Gobi Desert tour and you’ll get to meet with your adventure vehicle before we have a group dinner at one of the great restaurants in town.

Day 2

Vulture Valley

250 km

After breakfast, it’s time to begin our Mongolia tours and head out to the countryside. Today will be a great day for you to get acquainted with your vehicle and get the hang of it handles. Our first stop will be about 250 km from the capital in the incredible Baga Gazriin Chuluu region. Most of the drive will be on smooth tarmac before we head onto a dirt road that will take us past some of the incredible granite formations of the Mongolia sandy planes. Towards the end of the day we will visit the ruin of the famed Delguuriin Chior monastery before hitting our first Ger Camp to stay for the night.

Day 3

Essaouira – Taghazout

350 km

Yesterday was your warmup. Not it’s time to get ready for one our longest drives of over 350 km to reach into Vulture Valley during our Gobi Desert tour. Today’s adventure will takes us through the stunning gorges of the formidable Altai Mountains. We will continue along through Yoliin Am and the Dungenee Am which are two of the highlights of the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park where ancient rivers carve through incredible green valleys.

Day 4

Khongoriin Els

150 km

Today our Mongolia Gobi Desert tour will begin by us journeying west through the Khongoriin Sand Dune. This famous sand dune is one of the peak moments of our adventure, but getting there is no easy task as we will have to drive for many hours through a variety of landscapes with some tricky switchback turns. Along the way, you will see some incredible scenery from the stony mountain gorges to the verdant steppes. But the dunes are the truly unforgettable sight. In Mongolia “Els” means sand dunes and “Hongoryn” describes their incredible their pale orangish-brown color. And they are certainly massive at over 275 meters tall in some places. For the night, we will camp near the dunes and enjoy a night underneath the stars.

Day 5

The Flaming Cliffs

150 km

Today’s journey will be a little bit shorter distance wise, so you have a little more time for exploration on our Gobi Desert tour. The Flaming Cliffs are one of the most famous icons of Mongolia and are probably best known for being the place where the renowned paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews discover the first ever bones and eggs of dinosaurs. It’s a truly magical spot.

Day 6

Ongi Monastery

180 km

After the fiery, bright Flaming Cliffs, today’s journey will be to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Delger Khangai Mountains. Along the way, we will explore the ruins of the Honshuu Monastery which are on one side of the river then cross over to adventure around the remains of the Ongiin Monastery on the other side. It’s a great place for hiking and a little archaeological discovery. Can you even think of a better way to enjoy a Mongolia Gobi Desert tour ?

Day 7

Orkhon Valley

300 km

Today, we are in for another long day on our Mongolia tours but it will be worth it to reach the incredible Orkhon Waterfall. Along the way, we will explore the beginning of the Tsagaan Azarga or White Stallion River which was formed millions of years ago from a volcanic eruption that also created the Orkhon Valley. The lava stills leaves a trace as we make our way across this thick basaltic rock terrains and canyons. Along the way, we will have lunch with a local nomadic family and hear about the incredible lifestyle in Mongolia’s harsh countryside.

Day 8

Tsenkher Hot Spring

120 km

After yesterday’s long drive and expedition on our Gobi Desert tour, you’ll be ready for a little rest and relaxation. Today, we will only cruise for a few hours before we arrive at Tsenher Hot Spring Resort. This is the best place to unwind and enjoy the large open-air pool that is fed continuously from fresh water from the hotspring. There is not better place to kick back and enjoy it all.

Day 9

Back to Ulaanbaatar via Karakorum

450 km

The distance will be far today, but we are back on paved roads so the time will just fly by on our Mongolia tours! After we leave the hot springs we will arrive at Karakorum, home to 13th century capital of Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Empire. It’s a great place to explore and enjoy its history and culture along with great local art. By the evening, we will be back in the nation’s current capital to have a celebratory dinner and celebrate some of the great moments from our expedition.

Day 10

Local Tour of Ulaanbaatar/Departure

Before you catch an evening flight out, you should be sure to enjoy our local half-day tour of Mongolia’s capital. There’s no better way to end a Mongolia Gobi Desert tour. You can check out the Gandan Monastery, the winter palace, and incredible local markets. There’s no better place to grabs some souvenirs before you continue your journey or head back home.

For this trip, your vehicle is: a Toyota 4x4.

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

Price for this road trip starts at 4.750$ for each rider .

4265 € Accomodation on twin sharing and 2 pax sharing 1 car
4956 € Accomodation on single supplement and 2 pax sharing 1 car
3655 € Accomodation on triple sharing and 3 pax sharing 1 car
3858 € Accomodation on twin sharing and 4 pax sharing 1 car


Price includes :

  • Exclusive Toyota Land Cruiser for a team of 2 people with fuel.
  • Expert team throughout the trip
  • Local cultural expert for journey duration
  • 4×4 support vehicle including essential tools and spares
  • Airport transfers during arrival and departure
  • Accommodation for all nights in twin shared room
  • All meals
  • Third party vehicle liability insurance
  • Comprehensive pre-departure documentation


Price doens’t include :

  • International flights & Visa expenses
  • Comprehensive Personal Insurance
  • Personal medication
  • Extras like room service
  • Optional excursions
  • Item for personal use like laundry, tips, phone calls etc.


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