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Mongolia occupies a massive swath of land in northeastern Asia, situated between Russia and China. The sky and plateau stretch out as far as the eye can see, and these lands are home to some of the last remaining nomadic populations on earth! As one might expect, Mongolia tours tend to focus on these nomadic peoples and their unique way of life. However, a Gobi Desert tour is another fantastic option for road-tripping through Mongolia!

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However, these lands also hide immense beauty. For example, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park sits in western Mongolia and is home to glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, and even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another amazing sight is the fantastically colorful Amarbayasgalant Monastery in the north of the country. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is home to gorgeous landscapes and countless natural wonders while being situated just to the northeast of the capital.

These remote, sparsely populated lands have been inhabited by humans and their ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years. There have been numerous kingdoms, alliances, and rulers throughout Mongolia’s history, including the feared and renowned Genghis Khan who dominated the region during the late 12th century. Today, nearly half of the country’s population resides in the capital of Ulaanbaatar. The capital is also home to the only major international airport and serves as the jumping off point for many of our Mongolia tours. One can also reach Ulaanbaatar by train from Beijing, Moscow, and Vladivostok. U.S. visitors can stay for up to 90 days without a visa, while Canadians and some EU citizens are limited to 30 days visa-free. Make sure to double-check the visa requirements for your home country, but don’t worry, obtaining a tourist visa is usually not difficult!

The national festivals should not be missed during your visit. Naadam is celebrated in mid-July and is focused on the three “manly” sports – wrestling, horse racing, and archery. Top contenders are pitted against one another in what is essentially the national championship. Beyond the competitions, there is plenty of general revelry and celebration to enjoy. Another major event is the Golden Eagle Festival which is held early in October and is the largest gathering of eagle hunters in the world! Dozens of these unique hunters put their skills to the test for all to see. One other festival, which you might be able to catch during a Gobi Desert tour, is the annual “Thousand Camel Festival” held in the southern Gobi. The festival is organized to help protect the Bactrian camel and to highlight its importance in the lives of the indigenous nomadic herders. The gathering boasts spectacles such as camel races and camel polo matches, along with examples of traditional Mongolian music and dance.

What Planet Ride offers for 4×4 adventures in Mongolia

Planet Ride features several options for exploring off-road in Mongolia. Our current offerings include a 10-day Mongolia Gobi Desert tour, as well as a few other epic 4×4 Mongolia tours. Each of these unique adventures ranges from 11 to 14 days in length. No matter which tour you settle on, you are guaranteed to work with one of our expert local partners. We seek out the best guides to ensure you have an unmatchable experience. Each of these individuals has tremendous experience with the vehicles you’ll travel in, the culture you’ll explore, and every other important aspect of Mongolia’s extraordinary way of life. All of our Mongolia tours feature fantastic itineraries that capture the natural and cultural gems, along with top-notch vehicles. Most of these vehicles are Toyota 4x4s, like the Land Cruiser or Hilux, while some trips employ similarly capable and rugged 4×4 makes and models.

One great example is our 10-day trek through the Gobi with Venky. Setting out from Ulaanbaatar, you’ll discover ancient fossils and the striking red rocks of the Flaming Cliffs, be wowed by the sun setting across the desert plains, and experience first-hand the daily life of a true Mongolian nomad. This adventure is for those of you looking to get off the beaten path and into unique, unspoiled terrain. Other destinations along this journey include Vulture Valley and the massive Khongoriin Sand Dune. Several hundred kilometers later, we’ll visit the incredible Orkhon Waterfall and the headwaters of the White Stallion River, which was formed millions of years ago from the same volcanic eruption that created the Orkhon Valley. Before the end of this unbelievable trip, you’ll have the chance to relax in the hot springs at Tsenher and marvel at Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire back when it was ruled by the infamous Genghis Khan!