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Laos still manages to fly under the radar as a major tourist destination, but don’t let that fool you. Wedged between Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, along with a bit of China and Myanmar, Laos is home to incredible beauty, adventure, and culture. Laos 4x4 tours are a fantastic way to get even further off the beaten path and forge a deeper connection to the scenery that surrounds you and the people you’ll meet. Part of this magic is due to the fact Laos still retains traditions and experiences that have all but disappeared from its rapidly developing neighbors. It’s a simpler, slower, more connected way of life around here! Laos is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Southeast Asia, which reflects the fact it sits at the crossroads of Asia. For example, the Hmong people still coexist with nature in remote mountain communities to the north while the Kahu and Alak communities of the south display some of the last remaining traditional face tattoos. Whether your Laos road trip takes you to the cities of the lowlands or the remote villages of the highlands, there will be no shortage of wonderful opportunities to interact with the local culture. There will also be no shortage of gorgeous scenery. From thick, dark jungle, to the emerald expanses of the sometimes seemingly endless rice fields, or the luscious terraced tea plantations that blanket the mountainsides, the landscape in Laos is an incredible sight. Laos is also doing a tremendous job of preserving the environment with broad expanses dedicated as protected areas and nature reserves. Planet Ride’s Laos 4x4 tours let you explore these wonders while respecting and maintaining the natural treasures.

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All you have to know about 4x4 tours in Laos

No matter where your travel interests lie, Laos will have something to offer. In addition to killer 4×4 adventure, Laos offers underground river caves, jungle zip lines, and rock climbing amid natural karst formations. Those looking to get away from city life can head into the countryside for wildlife tours that offer a chance to spot exotic animals like gibbons or elephants. Opportunities to explore ancient temples and immerse in Lao spiritual life also abound and the food lovers amongst us can take a Lao cooking class or check out the gourmand flair of the French-accented cities. Should you ever need a break from your Laos road trip, simply pause and unwind with a spa session or yoga class.

One of the best 4×4 adventure Laos offers is our 9-day Nomadic Laos tour. You can escape the tourist-infested destinations of Thailand and Vietnam and truly get off the beaten path! Along the way, you’ll maneuver across jungle streams and mountains, and across a country brimming with amazing wildlife, culture, and history.

Like all of our tours, you’ll be matched up with one of our incredibly adept local guides. In this case, Venky offers over a decade of experience and has led dozens of tours across the world. With tours running from October to December, you can take your pick from a selection of travel dates to find the one that best fits your schedule. Once on the ground in Vientiane, you’ll get to venture into the easily walkable capital to explore the historic old quarter, glittering temples, lunging naga (river serpent) statues, and boulevards that echo the history of this former French trading post. Later on that evening, we’ll meet up for a briefing on our upcoming expedition and enjoy a delicious welcome dinner together.

For this Laos road trip, you’ll be piloting a four-wheel drive Ford Ranger down paved and dirt roads and through fields and jungle. On our first day of driving, the group sets off to the west, snaking our way along the Mekong River. After a riverside lunch, we’ll continue down secret tracks as we make our way to the town of Pak Lay. Next up is one of the most remote areas of Laos – the Nam Phouy Protected Area. For this stint, we’ll be driving through dense jungles and into the mountains of Sainyabuli Province, before ending up in Sayaboury for the night.

Day four brings us to the stunning Kuang Si waterfall, as we make our way to Luang Prabang. Situated at the confluence of the Mekong River and the Nam Khan River, nowhere else will you experience the stunning sights offered by gilded wats, monks clad in striking saffron-colored robes, faded Indochinese villas, and exquisite French-influenced cuisine. So unique and special is this place that it has earned UNESCO protection as a World Heritage Site. Day five will be the peak of 4×4 excitement on this trip, as we venture to a small island where you’ll enjoy some serious off-roading. Here you’ll get to put your 4×4 skills to the test, and maybe even pick up a few tips and techniques from our expert trainers! You’ll then get to return to Luang Prabang to unwind and relax for the remainder of the day.

Up next is Xieng Khouang. On the route there, we’ll have a stopover at the mysterious Plain of Jars. This historical site is home to several thousand massive clay jars dating as far back as 500 BC, but no one is quite sure why they are there! On our next day of driving, we’ll race along nicely paved roads to the town of Vang Vieng, which sits perched atop the hills along the Song River. Aside from being one of the best places to watch the sunset in all of Laos, it’s also an excellent destination for kayaking, caving, climbing, and other outdoor pursuits. Finally, this Laos road trip winds up back in Vientiane as you prepare to head home.