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Iceland 4x4 tours are a strange paradox that will leave you breathless as you explore unspoiled, nearly unimaginable beauty. Raging glacial rivers, thundering waterfalls, spewing geysers, soothing hot springs, and seething volcanoes dot the martian landscape of the country’s interior. With an Iceland road trip from Planet Ride, you’ll come face to face with all the mind-blowing scenery this country has to offer. Our itineraries visit renowned landmarks such as the Blue Lagoon, the Gullfoss waterfall, and the lake region of Mývatn, which is home to an eerie, practically demonic landscape created by unique volcanic craters throughout the lake. Being situated so far north, Iceland’s time and seasons are skewed from what the U.S., or even mainland Europe, is used to. You’ll experience long and dark, yet surprisingly mild winters, and short, but bright summers. The winters offer incredible skiing and your best odds for seeing the unbelievable spectacle that is the Northern Lights, while summer offers nearly endless days of sunlight to trek, explore, and enjoy all the country has to offer. The extreme Iceland tours featured by Planet Ride make the most of whichever season you happen to visit during.

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As we mentioned, off-road 4x4 tours in Iceland are a sort of contradiction. Making your way far into the interior, further from civilization and deeper into the natural beauty of Iceland’s rugged interior is simple. One can easily venture onto rough gravel trails that barely pass as roads, but technically, off-road travel is illegal in Iceland! The Icelandic government enacted these laws to protect the very unspoiled lands you are there to enjoy. Therefore, we carefully curate our Iceland 4x4 tours, and work with only the most knowledgeable and professional local guides to ensure you have a fantastic road trip adventure while obeying all laws and local customs! Iceland was initially settled by Norse explorers from Scandinavia some 1,100 years ago. Large parts of the country’s culture, especially the language (which is the modern language closest to that of Old Norse) are based on those same Norse customs and history. Much of the island’s cuisine is a direct result of its geography and the history of its people. It is based primarily on fish, lamb, and dairy products and offers a few local “delicacies” that only the boldest of foodies are likely to try. Think of dishes like fermented chunks of shark meat, blood sausage, and fish jerky. There are a few that will be tamer and familiar like skyr, which is a type of yogurt unique to Iceland. Arriving for an Iceland road trip means taking one very long boat ride or a marginally shorter international flight to the airport at Keflavik, which serves the majority of international flights. From there, travelers can easily transfer to Reykjavik or any of the other domestic airports. However, there are a handful of airlines which are now running international flights to Reykjavik. Once in the country, relax and enjoy your road trip. You will be in one of the safest places in the world, so there is little chance of being a victim of any real crime. Reykjavik, like any major city, has developed a few of its own bad neighborhoods, which have seen isolated instances of more serious crimes. Regardless, use common sense, travel in groups, and you’re almost certainly going to be just fine. Otherwise, make sure to remain aware and use caution while driving and when venturing into the remote parts of the country, especially during periods of poor weather.

What Planet Ride offers for 4x4 adventures in Iceland

Planet Ride sets high standards for our specialist travel partners, and we seek out and work with only those who meet all of our standards. Rest assured, you will be working with a true professional who will strive to ensure you have a fantastic, unforgettable Iceland road trip. For example, take Venky, who leads one of our most intense Iceland 4x4 tours. This 7-day trek begins in Reykjavik and quickly departs for the first of several amazing sights. You’ll mount up in custom, capable Toyota Hi-lux trucks and visit two magnificent waterfalls - Gulfoss and Háifoss - during your first two days, as well as the country’s second largest glacier. Assuming conditions allow it, as winter travel can be subject to treacherous storms, your team will travel to Landmannalaugar to take a relaxing dip in its famous hot spring river. Make sure you bring your swimsuit! Continuing on, the group heads to Þórsmörk, where you will journey down rough trails and ford streams and rivers. You’ll also stop by another of Iceland’s famous glaciers - Gígjökull - and possibly visit the Stakkholtsgjá Canyon. Day 6 will test your driving skills in another way as you navigate the black sand beaches that lie along the southern coast. Finally, you’ll arrive back in Reykjavik before heading home. This road trip may not be all that long, but packs in a ton of adventure and excitement. Your driving skills will be tested, you’ll experience incredible landscapes, and you’ll forge memories that will never be forgotten!