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Costa Rica has become an immensely popular nature travel destination, and for good reason! The geography includes gorgeous beaches along two coastlines, tropical jungles, rugged mountainous terrain, rivers, lakes, and volcanoes. Costa Rica also possesses amazing biodiversity with countless plant and animal species. There are any number of Costa Rica tours, but to truly immerse yourself, there is no better option than one of our Costa Rica off-road tours.

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After living a few years in Europe, I decided to come back to Costa Rica and to work into tourism. For more than 8 years, I worked as a naturalist…

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Other Need-to-Know Information about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small Central American country, tucked between Nicaragua and Panama, but offers a stunning wealth of natural beauty. There are plenty of different tours focused on trekking, bird watching, and other aspects of ecotourism, but a great option is to grab a 4×4 in Costa Rica and take to the most hidden corners of the country. Your road trip Costa Rica can span from the beaches of Guanacaste to Corcovado national park, and even to the less visited Caribbean coast. With a 4WD Costa Rica is fully accessible to satisfy your thirst for adventure!


The climate stays tropical year round, but there are variations throughout the country, especially at different altitudes. During the rainy season of May through November, you might need a 4×4 rental Costa Rica due to the near-constant rain in some parts of the country.


Unless traveling by land on the Pan-American Highway, you’ll most likely arrive at Juan Santamaria Airport, near the capital. Once there, San Jose Costa Rica tours can take you anywhere! Citizens of the U.S., Canada, or other Schengen Agreement member countries will have up to 90 days to explore. After making sure you have all the required and recommended vaccinations, rent a 4×4 Costa Rica and cruise to the Arenal volcano, Monteverde cloud forest, or maybe do a little off-roading near Heredia to get to some coffee plantations!


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Other Tourism Ideas

Nature, nature, and more nature! Costa Rica is famous for its ecotourism options – bird watching, jungle trekking, eco lodges, and more. About 25% of the entire country is protected as national parks! If rest and relaxation are more your type of vacation, Costa Rica offers a wealth of beaches between two coasts. The pacific coast is the more developed, and more heavily frequented of the two, but no less beautiful. There are any number of other outdoor adventure options to choose from – rafting, fishing, scuba diving, etc. Surfing is also becoming extremely popular, with a number of great spots in the Guanacaste and Central Pacific regions.