Safari Botswana : True African Wildlife

Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe - 15 days trip with 4x4 - starting at € 1300
Visit the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls
Discover wildlife on a beautiful Botswana safari
Experience the immense dry lakes of Makgadikgadi
Guide speaks : French, English,
15 day trip
Driving 8 day
5h per day
with guide
2000km in total
From March to December
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Nico - Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe - 4x4


Spécialiste 4x4

Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe

I have traveled the world on all type of vehicles but motorcycle rides remain my favorite ! I have now specialized myself into road-trips manufacturing... What I love the most…

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Discover the incredible flora and fauna of Botswana

Discover the safari treasures of Botswana on this incredible trip. You’ll journey by 4×4 and explore over 1,000 miles of concrete and dirt roads, up and down the country meeting all kinds of flora and fauna along the way. On this signature Botswana safari, you’ll discover the enchanting scenes on the Okavango Delta, rally across the Caprivi Strip, and experience the thrill of Victoria Falls. If you love the great outdoors and adventure, then this is the perfect trip for you. Are you ready to go on an unforgettable Okavango delta safari?

Map of your 4x4 road trip :

Day 1

Thamalakane River Lodge

We’ll meet at the beautiful Thamalakane River Lodge, just two minutes from Maun Airport and on the way to the Moremi Game Reserve. You’ll enjoy your first night here on the beautiful terraces and stone bathrooms with stunning views overlooking the river.

Day 2


50 km

We headed to Moremi Wildlife Reserve in the eastern part of the Okavango Delta. Here you’ll be able to see local flora and fauna like giraffes, zebras, elephants and more. You the option also explore the delta by mokoro, a traditional wooden canoe. Then we’ll arrive at the lodge where will spend two nights.

Day 3

Exploring Moremi

50 km

On our third day, we’ll explore more of Moremie discovering more of the incredible local wildlife with possibilities to do all kinds of hiking, canoeing and other adventures on our Botswana safari.

Day 4

Okavango Panhandle

500 km

Back on the road on our Okavango delta safari where you’ll be pick up in the northern Okavango and head towards Namibia. Along this pleasant route, you’ll be able to enjoy the many animals who pass by and an incredible sunset walk along the water before we reach our destination.

Day 5

The Caprivi Strip

100 km

Time to head to the Caprivi Strip along Namibia’s eastern tip where Zimbabwe, Botswana and Angola meet on our Okavango delta safari. We’ll cross several rivers including the Zambezi, Chobe, and Okavango into a place with one of the most abundant arrays of wildlife in the world. We’ll stop at Popa falls where will spend the night at Mahangu Safari Lodge.

Day 6

Visit Mahango Park

Today’s entire day of Botswana safari is dedicated to discovering this incredible park. We’ll explore the many paths, trails and rivers and see the amazing wildlife here.

Day 7

Caprivi Strip - Chobe River Front

430 km

We’re headed into Chobe National Park for two 4×4 days of safari through the park’s slopes. Here you can find all kinds of animals who come to drink at the river including hippos, buffaloes and even crocodiles! We’ll spend two nights here either at Kubu Lodge or Senyati Safari Camp depending on the package you choose.

Day 8

Chobe River Front

Today on our Botswana safari tours, we’re following in the tracks of elephants as we explore by 4×4 the incredible reach. It’s your opportunity to truly get up close to majestic animals like antelopes, elephants and so much more!

Day 9

Chobe Riverfront - Victoria Falls

80 km

We’re driving into Victoria Falls or as the locals refer to it “Smoldering Smoke.” You’ll have the opportunity to explore and thoroughly enjoy these impressive falls and spend two nights at Amadeus Garden.

Day 10

Exploring Victoria Falls

We’ll spend more time discovering the falls at this World Heritage Site. We’ll enjoy the different perspectives and possibly even take an overflight helicopter ride to see them at their best !

Day 11


325 km

We’re headed to Nata located in the Makgadikgadi Pans, a broad expanse of uninhabited desert where even few animals and birds live. In the afternoon, you’ll embark on a stunning 4×4 safari until sunset where you’ll see the desert lit up by the many majestic stars.

Day 12

Nata - Makgadikgadi Pans

150 km

We’ll set off on a journey that spans the center of the Makgadikgadi Depression as we continue our Botswana safari tours. We’ll stop often to enjoy the area’s incredible biodiversity of the ecosystem formed in the bed of a dry river more than 3000 years ago! This incredible space that glistens from the salt crystals in dry season is a stunning watering holes where all kinds of animals come to ather. WE’ll pursue after big animals like zebras, oryx, and giraffe and see some flamingos, cranes and pelicans. WE’ll also visit a traditional village and spend two nights at Camp Kalahari.

Day 13

Makgadikgadi Pans

Makgadikgadi Pan is the largest salt flat in the world and was formed in an ancient lake bed which evaporates more than a millennia ago. We’ll explore more of this incredible place searching after the huge herds of giraffes, zebras, and springboks and their predators like lions, cheetahs and hyenas.

Day 14


240 km

We’re journey along the roads back to Maun to wrap up our Botswana safari tours. In the afternoon, you’ll be able to enjoy some relaxation along the water’s edge or at the pool where you’ll enjoy your last night on the adventure.

Day 15


We’ll transfer you back over to the airport depending on your flight’s departure time.

For this trip, your vehicle is: a Nissan or Toyota Hilux 4x4.

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

Price for this road trip starts at 1300€ for each rider .

4928 € : Price for each rider based on 2 people, in lodge alone
4480 € : Price for each rider based on 4 people, in lodge alone

3030 € : Price for 1 rider in camping & lodge

1840 €  : Price for each rider based on 2 people in camping & lodge

1300 € : Price for each rider based on 4 people in camping & lodge


Price includes :

  • Supply of a 4 × 4 double cab vehicle with SEC insurance
  • The Safari Package (tire and windshield insurance, GPS, satellite phone, cooler, 2nd spare wheel, air compressor)
  • All meals mentioned in the program according to your formula (lodge or campsite)
  • 14 nights in lodge and / or campsite mentioned in the program according to your formula (lodge or campsite)
  • Guide


Price doesn’t include :

  • International flights
  • Benefits not mentioned in the program
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Anything Price doesn’t include that is not listed in “price includes”

There are no fixed dates for this trip. You choose your departure dates yourself.


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