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Snowmobile Trips and Expeditions to Norway

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Snowmobile Trips and Expeditions to Norway | Exceptional Adventure Safaris in Lapland

Go on an incredible snowmobile trip to Norway for an unforgettable adventure in the wild, deserted Great North. Norway is a country with very few people and pure nature. On a snowmobile, you will experience these deserted wide open spaces without any human presence. The pleasure of driving on the ice is completely different from driving a motorcycle on solid earth. A snowmobile trip to Norway leaves you with a feeling of freedom, a memory of white expanses, and a unique adventure waiting to be retold and relived!

A snowmobile trip to Norway lets your experience the immensity of the frozen lands of Northern Europe. With this snowmobile trip to the north-most country of Europe, you can chase the Northern Lights, glide your snowmobile on frozen trails and go ice fishing. Welcome to Norway and bon voyage!

A snowmobile trip to Norway is meant for all the lovers of open, deserted spaces. Whether you are inexperienced or are looking for a thrilling adventure, our local experts, the real polar nomads, guide and accompany you on each stage of our carefully prepared snowmobile trips. Their only objective is to ensure that you enjoy successfully riding your snowmobile for a trip or an expedition. On frozen lakes at high speed or on forest trails for a more technical driving, your snowmobile is your travel companion. Tempt yourself with crossings of rivers and mountain passes. Your snowmobile safari to Norway will take you till the magnificent Fjords of the Barents Sea.

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