Snowmobile Trips and Expeditions to Finland

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Snowmobile Trips and Expeditions to Finland

A snowmobile trip to Finland lets you explore the grand and mighty beauty of Lapland. Our snowmobile safaris take you to the icy lands of the Arctic Circle. Experience the thrills of riding on large frozen lakes and snow-covered wide-open spaces of Finnish Lapland with our unforgettable snowmobile expeditions.

Going on a snowmobile trip to Finland is to go on a real adventure on the exotic terrains of Lapland. During this snowmobile trip to the Great North, you will live and travel like a real hunter in the wild, ice fishing in the frozen lakes and rivers, and camping in typical refuges in the forests. On this icy adventure, you will truly become one with the nature!

A snowmobile trip to Finland offers a unique adventure for all nature lovers and thrill seekers. Our expert local partners will accompany you throughout this safari in the Great North and with their expert tips and advice, you will soon be driving your snowmobile like a real pro! Mastering technical driving on the trails through forests, driving at high speed on frozen lakes and rivers, and crossing mountainous passes with your snowmobile will no longer be a secret to you after this trip. This all-encompassing trip offers you everything for a journey that is high in emotions, thrills and discoveries.

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