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Snowmobile Trip to conquer the Great North: Go on a snowmobile expedition with our local experts!
Discover our snowmobile trips and live a real adventure. Choose your snowmobile expedition, choose between our guided and unguided formulae. Always with the pro tips of our experts!

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Snowmobile Trip, Snowmobile Expedition or a Romantic Weekend Snowmobile Trip - Are you tempted?

Go with one of your certified agents for your next snowmobile trip. A snowmobile trip offers the freedom like never before in the icy landscapes of the Northern Hemisphere. No need for roads, you have the snow trails! Go on an unguided or guided snowmobile trip, carefully designed by our local experts. Our specialist partners, snowmobile trip organisers, will ensure that you have an incredible experience crossing the wide, icy expanses of the Lapland: Snowmobile Expeditions to Finland, Norway and Sweden!

Snowmobile Trips: An incredible adventure!

Snowmobile Expeditions to the grand, white spaces of the Northern Hemisphere!

Go on a snowmobile trip for a real exploration of the remote and iced lands of the Great North. You don’t need the roads, the trails will take you to all kinds of terrain and to the most extreme parts of the Northern Hemisphere. On your snowmobile trip, glide on the small forest trails, ride along the fjords of Norway or amuse yourself in the grand spaces of Canada.

Snowmobile Itineraries to explore the Great North

The snowmobile is a vehicle that perfectly combines the comfort of driving and the thrills and pleasure of gliding on the snow. Your reflexes are as important as your physical capacities for truly experiencing the Great North. Your motorcycle trip lets you experience an authentic expedition and to meet the locals. Go on a snowmobile trip to Lapland, a snowmobile weekend in Finland or for a snowmobile expedition through Norway and Finland.

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