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Thailand offers a unique experience of southeast Asia, and there is no better way to do it than on a motorcycle! Thailand offers a wealth of history and culture dating back thousands of years, scenery that includes gorgeous white sandy beaches, steamy jungle, towering mountains, and everything in between, exotic wildlife, delicious food, and more! Motorcycle tours in Thailand will allow you to experience all of this, with the added thrill of two-wheeled riding.

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Other Need-to-Know Information about Thailand

Thailand has a diverse geography that allows for a variety of riding. Whether you want adventure amongst twisty mountain roads or casual beach cruises, you will find it in Thailand. Southern Thailand is famous for its beaches, islands, kilometer after kilometer of coastline, and even lush rainforest. Heading north, your motorcycle tour Thailand might take you through Bangkok and the lowland plains of central Thailand. Then, far to the north of the country are high plains, mountains, and the city of Chiang Mai. Further east you will find the unspoiled, off-the-beaten-path, agricultural region of Isaan.

The weather will have a big impact on when you take your Thailand motorcycle tours. While it varies throughout the country, there are three general seasons. From May through October, the southwest monsoon will bring torrential rain to most of the country – not ideal riding weather! October through February will bring cooler, drier air to much of the country, but parts of the south will still receive heavy rain at time. Regardless, this cooler period would be the recommended time for two-wheeled travel. Once February arrives, there will be less rain, but temperatures will be quite warm, reaching as high as 40*C through May!

While the geography will be stunning, and a pleasure to ride through. The Thai culture you experience during this journey will only pull you further into obsession with this place! The Thai people are generally very nice and will welcome you to their country throughout your motorbike tours Thailand. The thousands of years of history have left a multitude of marvelous, even opulent, Buddhist temples and statues for you to visit on your motorcycle adventure. This should already sound like a feast for the senses, but there is a literal feast that is not to be missed! From floating markets and street corner stalls, to fancy sit-down restaurants, the Thai people are famed for their cuisine.

Unless you happen to be traveling southeast Asia by car or motorcycle, you will likely arrive by plane. The main international airports are located in Bangkok and Phuket. Other international airports are located in Krabi, Chang Mai, Hat Yai, and Ko Samui, but these are mainly limited to flights from other southeast Asian countries. Be aware of the visa requirements! If you are coming from the United States, United Kingom, or European Union by plane, you may stay up to 30 days without a visa. However, different means of arrival and different countries of origin have different rules.

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Planet Ride offers the most authentic Thailand motorcycle tours, with only the best local guides, and top-notch motorbikes. An example of what you can expect from Planet Ride is a 7-day trip from Chiang Gai around the Golden Triangle of northern Thailand. You’ll have a thrilling ride along backroads and secret routes atop a Royal Enfield. Along the way you’ll be immersed in Thai culture – traditional meals, sleepy hamlets, gorgeous temples, lush gardens and rice fields, and more.

Additional Benefits of riding with Planet Ride

No matter which you decide to choose, our Thailand motorcycle tours will provide you a unique road trip experience, and the possibilities are practically endless. You can choose to join a group with fixed travel dates, or select your own dates and group members. Then, you’ll head off for an absolutely unforgettable road trip! Our specialist travel partners in Thailand will help you discover the beauty, culture, and richness of the lands you explore, while also offering any technical assistance you may need. Choose a route and indulge your riding pleasures, whether on-road, or off the beaten path!

While the example tour above was of intermediate difficulty, Planet Ride also offers motorcycle trips for all levels of experience. Whether, low mileage on well-paved roads or long distances off-road, we have a Thailand motorbike experience for you.

You can rely on Planet Ride to be your trusted Third Party through the entire trip process, from booking online to each kilometer of your journey through Thailand. We have a Quality Charter signed by us and all of our travel partners to guarantee it! We offer the best value for the money, security of payment, and vehicle insurance. You can also read traveller ratings and reviews to judge for yourself!

No matter what your motorcycle tours Thailand needs might be, look no further than Planet Ride!

Tourism ideas for Thailand

While we think it will be the best part, your fun doesn’t have to end with your motorbike tours Thailand! Other things to do in Thailand include visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites, lounging on beautiful beaches, enjoying a Thai massage, trekking, scuba diving, or even trying Muay Thai (Thai boxing)! This country offers nearly endless adventure, no matter what you might be looking for.