laos motorcycle tours

Laos motorbike tours

Off-roads Laos adventures

Laos is off the radar and a little bit wild

While small, landlocked, and still developing, Laos should not be overlooked! The rugged mountains, vast wilderness, powerful Mekong river make for some awesome off-road Laos adventures. You will not be disappointed by the natural beauty and unique culture of this country as you experience it on two wheels.

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Other Need-to-Know Information about Laos

The south of the country, through the Mekong river delta, is relatively flat, but in no way boring! Small, local villages abound, offering an incredibly authentic experience of the Laotian culture. The river itself also creates for awesome experiences – tubing and rafting, the largest waterfalls in southeast Asia, and even pink dolphins! Further to the north lies the hills, mountains, and jungles. Other natural beauty includes gorgeous, ornate Buddhist temples, ancient architecture, and vast archaeological ruins – megaliths from the iron age.

Laos has a small population, but is still incredibly diverse. There are several dozen distinct groups, or tribes, throughout the country. This diversity results in a vibrant variety of culture for you to experience over the course of your trip. The cultural history is as long as it is diverse. The entire ancient capital of Luang Prabang has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Laos has three distinct seasons, which will have an impact on when you kick off your Laos motorcycle adventure. The relatively short hot season runs from March through May, but temperatures can reach 40*C or higher. May through October is the wet season. While the weather will be a little cooler, there will be frequent downpours, especially in July and August. The dry season, from November to March, has the least rain and lowest temps, and is the high season for tourism. This will be the time you’ll want to take your Laos motorbike tours.

As a westerner, you’ll need to obtain a 30 or 60-day tourist visa to enter the country. This can be done in advance from a Laotian embassy or consulate, or on arrival at the major airports, and some land crossings. You’ll most likely want arrive by plane, and there are international airports in Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Pakse. There are several land border crossings open to foreigners, but you should check the list on the Laos National Tourism Administration website.

Planet Ride should be your only choice for motorcycle adventure in Laos

Whether you are looking for on-road riding, or off-road Laos adventures, Planet Ride will not disappoint! An example of an off-road tour offered by Planet Ride is 6 days of riding through the mountainous rugged terrain near the borders with Vietnam and China. Each day you’ll spend 5 to 6 hours riding along dirt roads and small trails. Along the way, you’ll have a truly authentic experience with the people and culture of several different Laotian tribes. We will stop in small villages during our rides and spend the nights doing homesteads with local families.

Additional Benefits of riding with Planet Ride

No matter which you decide to choose, our Laos motorbike tours will provide you a unique road trip experience, and the possibilities are practically endless. You can choose to join a group with fixed travel dates, or select your own dates and group members. Then, you’ll head off for an absolutely unforgettable road trip! Our specialist travel partners in Laos will help you discover the beauty, culture, and richness of the lands you explore, while also offering any technical assistance you may need. Choose a route and indulge your riding pleasures, whether on-road, or off the beaten path!

While the example tour above was certainly for a more experienced rider, Planet Ride also offers motorcycle trips for all levels of experience. Whether, low mileage on well-paved roads or long distances off-road, we have a Laos motorbike experience for you.

You can rely on Planet Ride to be your trusted Third Party through the entire trip process, from booking online to each kilometer of your journey through Laos. We have a Quality Charter signed by us and all of our travel partners to guarantee it! We offer the best value for the money, security of payment, and vehicle insurance. You can also read traveller ratings and reviews to judge for yourself!

No matter what kind of off-road Laos adventures you want to get into, look no further than Planet Ride! 

Tourism Ideas for Laos

Laos is the least “westernized” and most relaxed of the southeast Asian countries, and offers a truly authentic experience. The wilderness and natural beauty of the country are major attractions, but the culture itself offers much to see and do as well. You can visit endless Buddhist temples, architecture from the French colonial period, the megalith structures of the Plain of Jars, and more. If you are looking for outdoor adventure, there are opportunities for trekking, kayaking, and rock climbing. If you’d rather just relax, head to one of the herbal saunas, that are often run by temples.