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Incredible motorcycle road trips and motorcycle travels with the best local experts for your next vacation

Solo, with your partner or with friends, we offer the best motorcycle trips for you in five continents. Planet Ride has carefully selected the best experts of motorcycle trips and motorcycle roads around the world to offer you an extraordinary travel experience. Planet Ride and its specialist partners offer motorcycle road trips with different types of motorcycles: road bikes, enduros, vintage, trail... on some of the best routes of the world. Motorcycle trips to Africa, Europe, Asia and America: Our specialist partners organise holidays, trips, and motorcycle road trips all over the world.

Our motorcycle trips are designed to ensure an extraordinary motorcycle road trip experience for you. Find your next trip and your vehicle of choice amongst the many road trips proposed by Planet Ride.

Choose the itinerary, the group and the local agent for your next motorcycle trip and go for an unforgettable adventure on the road. Our specialist partners will guide you with their technical and local expertise to ensure that you experience the richness of all the areas explored. Follow your route and enjoy the diverse trails away from the usual, touristic roads.

Go on a motorcycle road trip with Planet Ride to rediscover the pleasure of the road, adventure and nomadic travel with the best travel agencies certified by Planet Ride. You can take a Harley, a Royal Enfield, a BMW 1200 GS or a Yamaha et KTM enduro, according to your wishes. Your bike will take you everywhere, from the pleasant coastal routes to the grand passes of the Himalayas. Your next motorcycle adventure with Planet Ride is waiting for you!

Experience required for your motorcycle road trip

Planet Ride offers motorcycle trips for all experience levels.
Motorcycle Trips – Discovery Circuits are generally designed for those who are new to riding or those with little riding experience. These circuits cover short distances through practical, paved roads.
Motorcycle Road Trips are accessible to riders who are used to riding over long distances. These motorcycle roads go through paved roads and highways for a smooth and simple riding experience.
Adventure Motorcycle Circuits are reserved for experienced motorcycle riders who are used to riding for long distances, often on trails. These trips have been conceived to push one’s limits. The routes and trails have been selected for specific riding techniques. The motorcycle adventures proposed by Planet Ride are the most physical of our selection.

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