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A scooter trip to Italy to experience the charms of this beautiful region, its culture and its gastronomy at your own pace and in full freedom

Go on a road-trip to Italy and experience the beauty of this enchanting country on a Vespa scooter. To travel in Italy by scooter is to truly travel like an Italian, passing through charming little roads and small villages. With your Vespa, enjoy the lovely countryside roads and amazing weather the way you want

Take the charming roads to discover the Italian art of living with a trip to Italy by scooter

Our scooter trips to Italy are designed especially for the lovers of independent travel. Visit Lake Garda, Puglia, Valpolicella, Umbria, Le Marche and many other stunning parts of Italy with our expert made itineraries.

Italy is a land full of hidden natural and cultural gems waiting to be discovered. In the north, you travel by Vespa to the large, clear water lakes in the middle of Alpine landscapes. You can travel to the centre of Italy by scooter to visit its large cities and their pretty streets and historic places. You experience the excitement of travelling to amazing cities like Florence and Siena. In Umbria, also known as the “Green Lung of Italy”, you take your scooter to marvel at the splendid landscapes of lush green mountains. In the south, Puglia offers striking views of arid but colourfully diverse landscapes. Travelling by your scooter at your pace, you take the time to relax amongst lush poppy fields, green-hued wheat plantations, lemon trees in bloom and ancient olive groves. A trip to Italy by scooter will make you discover the romantic side of this country!

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After having lived in Africa for a few years, I returned to Italy in 2002 and rediscovered my motherland through new eyes. My husband and I, therefore, decided to organise trips to Italy,…


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