Les voyages with moped scooter vespa

Travel by scooter or moped, what an idea!

Imagine a scooter trip or a moped trip to discover a country at a relaxed pace and like a local. Use one of the local vehicles to travel and immerse yourselves in the real rhythm of your destination: Vespa Road Trip to Italy, Moped Road Trip to Burkina Fasso... En route for a road trip by scooter or for vacations on a moped!

You probably would never have imagined travelling by a moped, by a scooter or by Vespa! But, with Planet Ride, it’s possible! Travelling by scooter or moped permits a discover that is zen, calm and local. Travel at your own pace with the local vehicles and experience the same rhythm as the locals. A road trip on a scooter is a call to the freedom of travelling!

Take your time to stop in the small cities or in the countryside in Italy, Morocco or Africa. This form of travelling is perfect for all budgets, and lets you experience, whether with your partner or your friends, a voyage of adventure and discoveries. Our local partners have selected the vehicles that are the most suitable for the regions and that are adapted to your travel needs, to let you travel on routes that are abundant in discoveries and surprises.

Explore the country and be close to the locals. In Italy, stop whenever you like to experience its local culinary delights; in Morocco, lose yourself in the souks… and travel again to new horizons. The possibilities are endless with your scooter, your moped or your Vespa. Immerse yourself in the local culture on a charming trip through the local routes with these unique vehicles.

Benefits of a trip by scooter or moped

Travelling by scooter or moped does not require a specific driving license.
Getting used to the vehicle is simple and fast.
When travelling in a group, nothing is better than a means of transport that is both simple and certain to drive.
Travelling by scooter or moped is one of the best ways to discover a country at one’s own rhythm.